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DIY Bed bugs Control
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Edmonton pest control experts say that bed bugs are one of the worst pest problems which are very hard to eradicate quickly. With no doubt, all who had any problems with bed bugs in Edmonton say that the best option to fight them is to hire professionals with experience in successful bed bugs control. Unfortunately, hiring bed bugs experts can be a pretty expensive and actually beyond the means of people. In case you feel that you cannot afford to hire professionals but still want to fight bed bugs in your lovely Edmonton house, there are some ideas how you can do it. Be ready that bed bugs control will require patience and diligence and some really hard work to win this battle.

DIY bed bugs control steps from an Edmonton expert

1. First of all you need to find out which of your house’s room are infected with bed bugs. As a rule, Edmonton experts say that bedrooms are the most principal locations for bed bugs; nonetheless, any sleeping room in the house may become the target of your attention. Living rooms which have sofas are the following common site for bed bugs. As a rule, professional bed bugs fighters in Edmonton begin their infestation with one room and then they spread slowly to the other places where people may sleep.  

2. All Edmonton experts admit that there is no need to throw your bed away! It is a pretty expensive process to replace all beddings, and the chances of the new bed bugs infestation of the new mattresses, beds or box springs are still pretty high.  At this point with no doubt it is much better to use the money you planned to spend on new beds or mattresses on the professional bed bugs control in Edmonton.

3. Now you need to make a safe place to sleep.  This is very important step because if you stay in your own bed, it will raise the possibility of bed bugs spreading throughout your house, according to pest control experts. If you can move to any other room to sleep in, your bed bugs will definitely follow after you. This with lead to bed bugs in multiple rooms. That is why when fighting bed bugs in your Edmonton house experts advise to move for this period of time to your friends’ or family’s house.

4. Select and use special insecticides extremely safe. You should be aware that so far there is no magic spray that can kill your bed bugs very well.  As a rule, commercial insecticides will kill bed bugs if they are applied carefully and only directly to the insects and their hiding places. An exception to this rule is only “Bug bombs”. As pest control professionals explain, such aerosol foggers unfortunately are almost always ineffective in bed bugs control, because bed bugs like hiding in crevices and voids where such aerosols cannot penetrate.

Elina Sivak is established as a content producer for a range of online content hubs (consisting of companies like respondersedmonton.ca offering pest control services in Edmonton), who writes about a mix of pest topics and matters alike. A proud vagabond of digital community and an influencer in all having to do with the pest control.


Responders Pest Control Company
3428-99 Street NW, Suite 434 Edmonton AB
T6E 5X5 Canada (780) 271-5587
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