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Could Crushed Velvet be your next crush?
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Crushed velvet has been on trend for a while now, and you will struggle to go into a supermarket or decor shop without seeing accessories and furniture covered in it. The problem is, for many it is a bold statement to make, too bold a statement to make in fact.

There are ways you can enjoy this trend without having everything crushed velvet in the home. Crushed velvet can be opulent, luxurious and extremely tactile. Need more inspiration? Read on for some simple and easy tips to help you get bang on trend with crushed velvet in your home:

It Doesn't Have To Be Pink

A lot of crushed velvet appearing in pictures of decor and in shops is pink, but that doesn't mean that you have to choose pink furnishings and accessories for your home. Instead opt for a gold beige or grey which could easily slot into any room without causing much upset at all. Instead it will add a touch of luxury and texture.

Start Small

Don't feel that because you have seen many homes or mock- up rooms in all crushed velvet that you have to do the same. If you want to enjoy this trend, instead start with something small like a cushion. A couple of throw pillows in crushed velvet to go with your other cushions and accessories will give a really subtle and simple nod to the trend. Still don't like crushed velvet in a month? A couple of cushions are very easy to get rid of!

Look To the Bedroom

Some materials and textures might not seem quite right for the dining room or the living room and yet they do have a place in the bedroom. Crushed velvet would be that type of material. It is luxurious and sumptuous, and for some, a little sexy. Maybe you could introduce it as a beautiful headboard in the master bedroom, or you should go a little further and opt for a decadent chaix lounge if you're feeling daring. 

Fully Onboard?

Perhaps instead of feeling fear at this crushed velvet trend you embrace it with open arms. If that sounds like you there is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in crushed velvet everything, especially if you have a neutral carpet or large tiles because they will be desperate for some texture. Crushed velvet chairs, sofas, cushions and accessories will not look strange altogether. Some people even have crushed velvet dining room chairs which actually look beautiful on a classic neutral floor with wood effect porcelain tiles and against a strong piece of furniture like an angular a glass table.

The whole point in trends is that you can choose to embrace them, ignore them, or gently try them out in the home. Crushed velvet is a huge trend and perhaps it is right for you, perhaps it isn't. Consider the points above, take it at your own pace, and enjoy yourself, after all decorating should be fun!





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