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7 Tips for ensuring you are toasty at home this winter
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As the nights close in and the temperature drops all many of us want to do is stay warm at home. Part of the autumn/ winter decor change for many of us not only involves updating the furnishings and accessories to be more cosy and comfortable, but also adapting the home to be more insulating and warm. Luckily, you don't have to spend lots of money on adapting your home to be cosier, as these easy 7 adjustments will have you well on the way to staying toasty at home this winter:

1. Make The Most Of Your Curtains

Open the curtains throughout the day to use the heat that comes from the sun. As soon as it gets dark you can close the curtains to trap that heat in.

2. Start Your Heating before You Get You Get Up

Your boiler uses the same energy to reach any temperature so; you may as well get it going half an hour before you get up so that the house is nice and warm for when you get out of bed.

3. Move Your Chairs and Sofa Away From the Radiators

Although it might seem to make sense to have furniture in front of radiators so that you benefit from the heat when you sit down, this takes away warmth from the rest of the room so you're not spreading the energy as well as you could be.

4. Spread the Way You Receive Heat

It may be worth looking into different ways of getting heat. Under floor heating underneath non slip floor tiles could be a good idea and wood effect porcelain tiles will create a feeling of warmth even when the heating is not on.This is worth looking into if you're planning on putting new floor tiles down soon. You might also want to look at things like biomass boilers or ground source heat pumps to see if you can generate more energy from natural sources. Spreading the way you receive your heat could lead to a warmer and more energy efficient home.

5. Wear Warmer Clothes

It is worth wearing cosy fleeces and comfy socks at home to stay warm. Insulating yourself should be one of the first lines of action as the nights start cooling down, because it is free and effective.

6. Deal with Sources of Cold

Whether it is cold floor tiles, a draught from a window without curtains or cold coming in from bi-fold doors - deal with the source of cold. Invest in some thicker curtains, a non-slip rug or some thick blinds and redirect sources of cold.

7. Get Some Cosy Blankets

Hygge and Scandinavian decor both recommend cosy blankets in the home. What better excuse to buy some lovely faux furs, chunky knits and luxurious velvet throws to snuggle under this winter?

With plenty of thought and practicality, as well as a little creativity you are going to have a cosy, toasty home this winter to enjoy as the weather blusters by outside.


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