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6 Tips For A Happier Cleaning Session
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Cleaning. Ugh. What exactly is it that tidy people are not doing to give them all the time to keep a pristine home? We know exactly how annoying and irritating it can be to have to clean when you don’t enjoy cleaning. Although we can’t promise to make you as happy as you would be if somebody else did the cleaning, what we can do is give you 6 chances to have a happier cleaning session. Here’s how:



  1. Listen To Some Music

It sounds simple but you know that feeling you get when you’re in a supermarket and a song comes on you like. Your hips start moving from side to side, your foot starts tapping, and suddenly things aren’t as dismal anymore. Well you can replicate that feeling when you clean. Put on some music and try to clean whilst you listen to your 10 favourite songs, or listen to a new album and the time will go a lot quicker.



  1. Listen To A Podcast

If you’re not into music as you clean, why don’t you listen to a podcast? You could learn something in the time that it takes you to clean, and your mind is likely to be focused on the podcast rather than the task at hand. There are podcasts on everything from unsolved crimes, to mental health. There is something for everybody.


  1. Make It Bite-size

Knowing you have the entire house to clean will feel overwhelming. Instead, why not focus on some bite-size tasks every day that you know are easily achievable in less than 30 minutes to an hour. If you stick to those tasks every day, by the end of the week you’ll have a house that is much cleaner and tidier without the effort of spending a whole day on the job.


  1. Do It Together

Why not blast through the cleaning together with a family member. Rather than both avoiding your chores, why don’t you set a timer and say that you have to get XY and Z done by the time it finishes. Cleaning this way will be short, sharp, and get the job done. Even better,  you have two pairs of hands instead of one.


  1. Give Yourself A Reward

It’s so important that you get a reward at the end of cleaning. For those who enjoy cleaning, their reward is the clean house. If you don’t care about the cleaning then you need a different award. That could be some time on social media, or a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate. Whatever makes you feel like the task was more worth it.


  1. Declutter To Make Cleaning Easier

If you have less clutter and you keep up daily decluttering and tidying, then proper cleaning won’t feel as much of a chore and it will be a happier time.

Why not consider cutting down the items in your home by renting cheap self storage.

You could create a more harmonious house by using self-storage to store items you intend to sell at some point. Having less in your home and making it work better day to day will help your cleaning processes feel happier overall.


The tips above are not going to make cleaning as fun as going on a night out, or watching a movie. If you hate cleaning it's never going to be your favourite thing to do.


However, if anything can help the process feel a little bit less horrendous then the time will feel better spent and you’re less likely to avoid the job too. Cleaning will always need to be done, so the best we can do for ourselves is make it as enjoyable a process as is possible.

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