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5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Organise Your Cheap Self Storage Unit
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A self storage unit is out of sight and most of the time, out of mind. However, that does not mean that it has to be disorganised. With the right management and adjustments, it can be organised and functional, keeping your belongings safe and helping you get the most out of it when you do visit.


To help you get your self storage unit in great shape, here are 5 surprisingly easy organisation tips:


  1. Select The Right Size Storage Unit

It is important to choose the right size storage unit so that you don’t end up cramming everything in, to the point where it is very hard to get to anything. Most cheap storage units facilities offer excellent flexibility, so if you are struggling to squeeze everything into your unit, you can easily switch to a larger one at an adjusted price.


  1. Choose Easily Stackable Containers

Try switching out recycling bags and bin bags for easily stackable containers that are uniform in size and that have lids. This helps to protect your belongings, helps the place look tidier, and you have the choice to stack things whilst keeping them secure.


  1. Label Everything

Labelling is so useful within a self storage unit. It stops you breaking your back moving things, looking through boxes and making a mess of everything trying to find one item. It also saves a lot of time. To save you having to rewrite labels when you repack boxes, you could number each box and then keep a log of what is inside, in an up-to-date notebook.


  1. Keep A Cleaning ‘Station’ In Your Unit

In your unit it is helpful to keep a small cleaning station. This can include bin bags, cleaning spray, a portable car hoover, old newspaper, kitchen roll, labels, a pen and paper, and packing tape. Having this station is helpful because you have everything you need to do a little tidy. Having the right supplies there makes it more likely for you to tidy up after your visit.


  1. Utilise Different Levels

As with every space that is used for storage, floor space is at a premium. Although stacking is an option, ideally you don’t want everything stacked up high in your unit. Instead, utilising the different levels of the unit by using shelves and rails for the appropriate items, will help you gain better access to your things. It also suits items like clothes and smaller packages really well, as they have a place without having to be crammed or stacked in ways that could damage them.


The tips above can help you organise your self storage unit in a way that makes it more functional and easy to use. Although cheap self storage is great value, it still pays to put the effort in to organise the space you rent and get the maximum value possible for the amount you pay.

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