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How long does it take a locksmith to open a door ?
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Among the various things locksmiths do, is solving lock-out problems, precisely opening any type of door. Whether we talk about your home, business or car, locksmiths have specialised equipment, knowledge and techniques to open any door and gain entry fast and easy.

door locks

Also, they are trained to use only non-destructive methods to open the door, which means they use the latest techniques and tools in order not to cause any damage to the lock or the door itself. 

Usually, a local locksmith in London spends around 20 minutes to open a door whatever is the specific model of door and lock you have. If the specialist you’ve just hired spends too much time and hesitates to open the door, you have all the reasons to be suspicious. There are no impenetrable locks for locksmiths, only time consuming ones. 

  • Methods used by locksmith to open a door

As we mentioned before, these specialists are trained and have the latest equipment in order not to damage the door or the lock. Among the methods they use there are lock picking, using a Master key in case you have a basic lock, lock bumping, bypassing the lock, sliding the latch open and so on. 

On the other hand there are destructive methods that no professional should use, such as drilling a hole in the door, forcing the door in order to open it, drilling the lock or cutting any part of the lock. A technician will try by all means to open your door in a safe manner and only if it’s absolutely necessary he will destroy the locking mechanism. 

  • Locked out services near you

One of the most important things when you need to open a door without the key, whether we talk about your home, office or car, is to find a trustworthy locksmith near you. This is very important because this way you will save precious time which can be very helpful when you are in a hurry.

Find a technician near you that offers customised services and time saving solutions when it comes to open a door. Besides opening the door, he can also offer services such as key extraction and replacement if necessary, lockout repairs, key cutting and duplicating and so on. So finding a specialist near your location is the best option because this way you won’t have to spend minutes or even hours in front of your door.

 Almost every homeowner and car owner needs at least once the help of a specialist because locked out situations are very common. Some people try to open the door themselves and damage the door or the lock, which is not recommended because this way they become an easy target for burglars.

In the end you will need to call a specialist to repair your door, so it is better to call him in the first place and not to try to open the door yourself.

An emergency locksmith will open your door at any hour during the day or the night. He will carefully manipulate the lock and open your door even if you have a troublesome type of lock. 

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