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Are You Looking for UCLA Transfer Admission?
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Those candidates who are interested for UCLA transfer admission must read this small write up, as this will provide information regarding admission selection and also answer few of your questions too.

In order to get UCLA transfer, you need to make strong preparation so that you become a little more competitive candidate while admission review process is on.

The average GPA needed to get admission for transfer is above 3.5. All admitted students must complete almost all the major preparatory courses.

Following are few frequently asked questions and their answers which is generally asked by transfer applicants.

How can one find out their school or college board code?

They are online forms, where you can get UCLA code and submit your country and state name followed by the name of the city and zip code.

What is the due date for fall term application?

Usually, the due date will be 30th November of the previous year. For example, if you are looking for due date of fall quarter of 2018, then it will be on 30th November 2017.

Can I get fee waiver for UC application?

Yes, the application form for fee waiver is already available online which you can easily find and you must follow all the instructions provided. All the guidelines are provided and are very easy to follow.

In case my school does not offer grades e.g. A, B, C etc. then how can I enter the column where grade is asked?  

The UC evaluators consider certain things while evaluating the grade of each and every college and they can easily convert it into the required format which is compared with the other candidates.

How can I convert my semester units into the quarter units?

It is not required to convert it. You may just enter in the way it has appeared in your official transcript.

However, if you are going to fill up any paper application form then you must multiply the total semester units by 1.5. in order to convert it into quarter units.

In case I do not get admission as per my first choice major then will the UCLA review my application for alternate major opted by me?

The transfer applications are generally reviewed based upon major-specific preparation and hence UCLA will consider only your first choice major. However, if you are part of Transfer Alliance Program then you may be considered.

So, in such case you may provide your choice for alternate major, however there is no guarantee that you will get your alternate choice in case you failed to get your first choice about the major.

From where can we get information about scholarships or any financial aids?

Few information regarding scholarship normally is also listed in your UC Application, but most of these financial aids are dependent on the money that particular school has got for particular quarter, and also needs of students attending.

You need to first find out whether you can qualify for any financial aid for filing for the free-ship application.

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