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Depression likes to rattle the cage unexpectedly
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Where to begin? Half the time I don't even know, for I just go with the flow. I am here one minute and the next I can be crying or shouting. Welcome to depression! It tends to bite us in the behind when we are least expecting it and can ruin everything even the sunniest days. It takes your sunshine away alright! A few years ago I was diagnosed with Major depression, but I avoided seeking help for it, and refused to take medication, but then again it came to rattle my cage. I had tried to hide and avoid that something was wrong, but I was just lying to myself. Eventually, I had enough, and took myself into the doctor, for I couldn't keep friends or any sort of relationships. After a series of medications I actually can last a whole day without thinking negative, and I can actually think about things without overreacting. I am able to have friends and am in a relationship for the first time that has lasted for longer than 2 years, and I am happy with who I am. Depression is hard, but if you can stop the rattling even to once a month; now that is something i'd rather have then it being everyday over something different. 

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