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Your 6 Rules For Arm Strength Training
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The secret to strong arms is not all about the right workouts. If you think doing countless bicep exercises will do wonders, you might be wrong. Long time body builders know some arm training secrets that beginners neglect. Exercises are not all that matters as they are one of the many factors of successful arms. Here is a list of other keys to strong arms.

1. Staying out of comfort zone

At first, an exercise might look like it’s working but later on the body gets used and a plateau knocks. The rate of growth and strength gain starts to decelerate. When this happens, you need to switch your arm strength training routine. You can incorporate various alternatives in movements so that your body doesn’t get accustomed to a single move. This guarantees advancement rather than retrogression.

2. Increased  intensity

For optimal growth to occur, muscles must be trained to failure. Do not just end a set because you are uncomfortable but try to take one or two extra sets past muscle failure. If you can cope with the huge pain involved in this high-intensity training, the growth and strength of the arms will increase indefinitely. Train your arms to go beyond failure.

3. The appropriate order

The best strength exercises for the arms should be accomplished first during the early hours of a training session while the body is still energetic. You need to start with those exercises that use heavier loads so that you gain sufficient momentum to break challenges.  

4. Results are never achieved overnight

To become a great body builder, you have to work out for a very long time. It may take you a year or two to build those bi’s you see in fitness models. In order to gain long term benefits of arm weight training, consistency is key. As always, everything has its price and skipped workouts mean dragging results backward.

5. Practical rep range

Different sets are not equal and they yield different outcomes as far as strength training is concerned. A set of eight repetitions done in heavy loads might produce similar results as a set of 20 repetitions of lighter loads. The latter might not suffice optimal muscle building. The most recommended rep range is 8 to 12 for reaching muscle failure.  

6. Loaded volume
Performing insufficient sets of low work volume cannot produce the required strength for the arms. Small volumes don’t stimulate the right level of hormones for building robust arms. However, avoid over training by making 8 to 10 sets for biceps.  

Apart from arm exercises, strong biceps are built in a combination of factors. If you want to be an exceptional arm builder, learn new and diverse techniques that will take your arm training to enviable levels.

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