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Why Is More Not Been Done To Combat Climate Change?
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Even though the scientist have proven the global warming is taking place and that the world will end soon if we do not take action, very little is been done. The globe requires every country to do their parts to eliminate fossil fuels but so far Governments have not delivered. They are still providing huge grants and major tax breaks for the oil and gas industry which has to be one of the craziest decisions mankind has ever made.

If all of the oil that is already in the marketplace gets used, the world is over. Why is it then that the world is allowing this drilling to still take place. There have been major breakthroughs in green technology but it is hard for them to compete when the governments are supporting their competition. A prime example of crazy decisions was Donald Trump's decision to added tariffs to imported solar panels. The industry was on the verge of being able to outprice the oil and gas industry for the first time but now with these additional charges, it is a big set back. Add to that the decision to add taxes to steel and aluminum that make up solar panels, it will mean that even domestic products will cost more.

TIP! Communicating Climate Change: The Environment in the Portuguese Media

In the United States, rather than turning to the renewable energy they have turned to fracking. This decision has been an ecological disaster and due to it being economically viable, thousands of companies have done bust leaving all of their dirty hazardous material behind. If they had turned to solar instead it would be there for many years leaving zero carbon emission behind.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen an escalation in the devastating effect of global warming. Hurricanes, wildfires, floods, the list goes on and yet still the politicians sit on their hands. You would have thought after seeing national disasters kill thousands of people in their country, that action would be taken but it has not. It remains to be seen how bad the people in charge of our policies and laws will let it get before taking real action.

It is not just global warming that is causing deaths around the world. The air we breathe is polluted and is causing serious health defects and death at increasing rates each year. China the industrial capital of the world is worst hit and trillions in investment are needed to make the country safe to live in.

With the world economic system in meltdown, it is unlikely these problems will be resolved in the immediate future. It is going to take a brand new system to change the way that both the financial, political and environment work in tandem to provide a better way of life or it could be the end of humanity. It is the most critical time in our 200 million years of existence and if we get it wrong it could spell extinction.


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