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Why this is necessary to choose right food for your kids?
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Strong Foundations Will Make your Kids Healthy:

As we all are well aware of the fact that right habits pay off. This equally applies to ones eating habits and good habits are instilled in a person at nascent stage. Human passes through different phases and evolves. During this evolution, his eating habits have a major role on his way of life.

Eating habits are practiced when young. Mothers are found very concerned about their toddlers’ food. Some are found complaining also but that is whole other discussion. It is very important that kids are fully nourished with vitamins requirement. That is fulfilled by balanced diet. Mothers should focus to incorporate all the significant nutrients in their kid’s diet for their better growth. Because if the kids are raised in a healthy manner today, they will be capable to take up their roles as leader’s tomorrow. Their bodies will be concrete enough to bear the challenges; life will throw at them in coming years. And this would only be possible if their eating habits are well infused in them since the beginning.

Having said enough about the significance of nutrients. Let us investigate the real blessings which these very nutrients impart on human body.

Why Protein?

For proper growth of child, development of brain and stronger bones protein plays vital role. Among 20 amino acids which are building blocks of protein, children receive 9 such amino acids from the food, their beloved moms prepare for them out of love. Your first priority must be proteins in your lunch box recipe ideas.

Source of Protein:

For protein intake; egg, fish, meat, beans, pulses, yogurt, milk and children most favorite Cheese should be included in kid’s meal.

Why Carbohydrates?

Let’s answer this question by investigating benefits of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates keep our kids alert and energetic throughout the day, allowing them to do their naughty stuff. Potato, bread, pasta, nuts etc. are rich sources of carbohydrates. They are also essential in lunch box recipe ideas.

Why Calcium?

Calcium is highly needed by growing children and teens to develop bone mass in order to fight against osteoporosis and fractures. Almonds, yogurt, milk, broccoli, green peas are all rich sources of calcium empowering our children with stronger bones and stronger teeth.

Why Fruits and Vegetables?

For maximizing our child’s school performance and minimizing child’s obesity risk, fruits and vegetables play a major part. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that help children bodies to grow. Fruits and vegetables control obesity because these are rich in fiber but possess low fats and calories. Hence child body evolves in a balanced manner with fruits and vegetables intake through lunch box recipe ideas.

Healthy Food in Creative Way:

We are discussing here for our child’s healthy diet practices. But we need to make it appear interesting for them too. Healthy food can be presented in the form of snacks as well. Dried raisins and fig can be presented as sweet treat for them. Finely cut cucumber and tomatoes can be handed to them while playing. Homemade soup with fish and chicken not only comforts their taste buds but also fulfills their body’s nutritional needs.

So, all moms reading this need to be a little creative about their child growth by choosing healthy combination of nutrients in kid’s meal while thinking about lunch box recipe ideas.





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