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Why does vaping make me cough sometimes?
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When you first switch to vapor cig from analog cigarette due to reasons such as health beneficial and economic cost, you might be very excited about the possibility in the world of vaping. But just days after switching, your vaping may be interrupted by annoying cough and irritating sore throat. Is this normal and inevitable through the way in vaping? The answer is absolutely no. 

A research surveyed 600 vapor-cig users. It is found about 57% of them had coughed when using vapor cig for the first time. The research continues to found that 93% of those who coughed no longer have such problem. 


Coughing is a temporarily effect in the initial stage of vaping, and can be avoided under proper guidance. Here are some tips Cacuq would like to share with you: 

1. Avoid high percentage PG based e-liquid if you are not used to strong throat hit
E-liquid is comprised of either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin)—or sometimes a mixture of both. PG is what brings strong throat hit for vapers. However, it may leave your throat feeling dry and scratchy if you aren't used to it. 

Some vapers may even allergic to PG. In this case, you may choose VG based only e-liquids. 

2. Don’t use e-liquid that have much high nicotine strength than you are used to

E-liquids have multiple ranges of nicotine strength for vapers’ option, from 0mg to 32mg. Nicotine plays a large part in throat hit effect. If you are used to 6mg nicotine strength, then suddenly use 18mg nicotine level e-liquid, you will most likely to feel coughing and a sore throat, along with lightheaded, coz your body is reacting to too much nicotine. 

Simply use the suitable nicotine strength level e-liquids in this case. Or if you want to pursue throat hit, increase the nicotine level step by step within your comfort zone. 

3. Avoid taking too long of a drag

When starting out, many vapers use the same way of tobacco smoking to vape. They are not fully aware that vapor cig is not exactly like analog cigarette. In this case, if you take a full deep long drag likes the way from analog cigarette, you are sure to experience a burning sensation in your throat and lungs.

The average drag on a vapor cigarette shall be 2-3 seconds. And vapor should enter your mouth with ease, leaving behind no uncomfortable feeling when you exhale.

4. Drink water while vaping to avoid dehydration

Although vapor cig produces water vapor, it doesn’t mean you will stay hydrated when vaping. 
PG and VG in e-liquid naturally attracts moisture. Prolonged vaping will dry out your mouth and throat. This may result in a sore or irritated throat, therefore be sure to drink plenty of water while vaping to avoid dehydration.

It is common for new vapers to encounter coughing issue. Instead of giving up too fast, try to find the causes which may cause the problem and get it settled.  Once you get through the initial stage, we believe you will be a satisfied vaper using some of our amazing vapor cig products

Note. Above advices provided by Cacuq can’t replace the counsel and treatment of a medical professional.

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