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Why Anti Aging Myth Busters Aren’t Always Right
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Anti-Aging techniques are everywhere in this modern era where everyone wants to remain youthful, but knowing what techniques work, and what don’t are a struggle we all deal with daily. For every anti-aging technique there are ten articles debunking them as a myth. The truth is however, that there are techniques that will work for some, but not another, and there are creams that work, and creams that don’t. That doesn’t mean you should give up, because your desire for the retainment of your youth will still be there, playing on your thoughts day in day out.

Even though most anti-aging techniques will be played down every time, there are some that are not going to do you any harm, and will honestly, just make you feel better.  Here are a few of these myths that are regularly contradicted and some reasons why you should still do them.

Drinking water will retain a youthful appearance

There are numerous claims that if your skin doesn’t contain the right water-retaining elements it won’t stay hydrated, however it is common knowledge that water will hydrate you, no matter what. If we don’t drink water we will die. The more water you drink (within obvious limits) the better it is for you. This is simple.

The earlier you start using anti-ageing products, the better

A number of websites will claim that anti-aging creams shouldn’t be used while you are I n your 20’s, however anti-aging creams don’t only apply to remedial wrinkle removing creams, prevention through sun blocking creams is also part of the anti-aging process. There is a solid argument to create the habit of early teenage girls wearing sunscreen, UV protecting eye creams, and that tanning is bad for the skin. Prevention creams should have no age limit.

Eating clean changes the rate our skin ages

Eating high GI foods like white bread, pasta and potatoes are quickly converted to sugar in the bloodstream and cause the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products. We know that the development of Advanced Glycation End Products is related to collagen and elastin becoming rigid and less elastic, which is in fact what we know as flabby skin. To make matters worse, Advanced Glycation End Products make the skin more vulnerable to sun damage. So the healthier your diet is, the more green food you eat, and the lower the GI of your intake, the healthier (and of course younger) your skin will be.

Fitness is a youth serum and affects how youthful you look and move

It’s no secret the fitter you are the longer you should live, but some sites will go as far as suggesting it makes no difference to how young you look. There are many ways however that you can look and feel younger through your physical fitness. 120-250 minutes of physical fitness a week will help you on your way to a healthy heart, and a healthy body, which will inevitably lead to a healthy mind. As we get older, maintaining a healthy mind becomes a more difficult task. The connection between the right and left hemispheres of your brain weakens as you age, which causes brain delays as they have trouble communicating with one another. If you do something as simple as crossing your arms and legs over the mid line of your body, it will force the two sides of your brain to talk to one another, strengthening the connection between hemispheres. So maintaining your physical fitness will lead to a younger looking and feeling you.

The more expensive anti-aging products are better

This is not necessarily correct, but when it comes to anti-aging creams, you want to look for certain ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance your skin. Many effective ingredients like Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit, avocado, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Niacinamide (B3), lactic and glycolic acid, soy, retinol and Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A), C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate with good quality data to support their mechanism of action can be found in reasonably-priced brands but there are other ingredients that can separate the quality brands from the rest. If you do a little research, find a product that suits your skin type, or speak to a professional, you will be sure to find something to suit.

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