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Which exercise will help reduce the size of your waist and thighs?
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Accumulation of fat around the waist and thighs is common amongst people in our society. In fact, this fat seems to be quite stubborn and irritatingly refuses to budge irrespective of whatever exercises you do.

But does it have to be like this? With all the exercising regimes and diet charts we follow, why it is so difficult to achieve a slender waist and shapely thighs? The answer is because we are not doing exercises to specifically target those areas. Hence they show no improvement while the rest of the body gradually but surely loses weight.


One of the best forms of exercise is yoga. It takes into account the wellbeing of the whole body while concentrating on weight loss around the tummy and thighs. The essence of this holistic type of healing is to concentrate on the root cause of weight gain rather than just try to treat the symptoms. Visiting weight loss Clinics Offering Phentermine and recommend the use of yogic poses to strengthen the body and mind. Some yogic poses which specifically target the waist and thighs are:

  • Warrior pose:  Also known as the Veerabhadrasana, for this you need to bend one knee and extend the other leg towards the back. Both the hands need to be stretched above the head. This pose targets the muscles of the arms, shoulders and thighs and helps in toning them.
  • Warrior pose II: As above, the legs have to be stretched while keeping one knee bent with the hands stretched sideways. This is an excellent pose for strengthening and toning the abdominal and thigh muscles, thereby resulting in the burning of fat from these areas.
  • Chair pose: The Utkatasana or the chair pose is very effective for targeting the muscles of the waist, abdomen and the thighs. The body has to maintain the chair position by standing on slightly bent knees with the body leaning slightly in the front. The hands have to be kept stretched above your head.
  • Boat pose: This is one of the most effective mat exercises which absolutely focuses on the waist, thigh and abdominal muscles. To maintain this pose you have to sit on a mat and slowly lift up your legs without bending your knees to a make a 45degree angle with the ground. The hands have to be stretched in the front and the spine has to be kept straight.
  • Camel pose: Also known as the Ustrasana, it is one of the best yogic poses to facilitate the burning of fat from the waist, back, thighs and abdomen. In this asana, you have to kneel with your lower legs lying parallel to the ground. Then the whole body has to be bent backwards till such time as you are able to touch the back of your soles of your feet with your hands. Even the head has to be bent backwards, thereby facilitating the strengthening of the neck muscles and stimulation of the thyroid gland also.

Other exercises targeting the thigh and waist muscles

If you have the time for some rigorous exercise and also want to burn fat fast so that you can show off your toned lean body, the following exercises are perfect for you.

  • Squats: The best way to do this is to stand with your feet slightly apart and turned towards the outside. Then, holding dumbbells in your hands, try lowering into a tight squat. At the same time move your hands upwards to the level of your shoulders. The body and the arms need to be kept straight during this whole procedure. Also the flats of the feet should not change their position at all. Returning back to the original position, this squat has to be repeated around 20 times.
  • Leg lifts: In this procedure, you will have to go down on your hands and knees, all the while holding a dumbbell in your left hand. Then lift up your right leg to align it with the body. At the same time lift up your left hand and align it with your shoulders. Maintain this position for a moment and then return to the original. Switch sides and keep repeat 20times.
  • Lunges: You have to stand with your left foot in front of your right. The distance between the two should be around 12 inches or 30 cm. holding a dumbbell in each of your hands, slowly lift your hands so that they form an “L” in the front. Now bend your right knee to the height of your ankle and hold it there for a moment. Repeat this 20 sides and then switch sides and repeat another 20 times.

These are some of the basic procedures which, if done regularly, will definitely enable you to get into your old jeans. So keep doing these exercises and keep looking great.

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