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Weird things that have happened since I have lost weight
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This is About the weird things that have happened to me since I have lost the weight.

1. Old friends that had turned their backs on me now trying to become friends with me again. Look people, I hardly ever give second chances for a reason. You are not going to get me so to speak. Fool me once shame on you! I am not going to let you fool me twice.

2. Guys trying to ask me out. Yes I am single, but I am a strong independent woman I don't need a man. (Not that it would not be nice to have, but I am very picky.) Yes, some of the guys that ask me out are very attractive, and they are very hot tamales (yum, yum), but I sometimes come off as stuck up because lets face it when a hot guy comes up and asks me out I get really shy, and my insides basically silly putty. Me acting live like a stuck up is just a way to protect myself so that hot, spicy man does not see me become silly putty. Now for those not so hot guys I just basically friends zone them because I just don't see them that way.

3. Chocolate. When I was overweight I never really liked chocolate, but now sometimes now I need it. It's like a drug, you can't just eat one. (That time of the month is the worst.)

4. People thinking that it is okay to talk about other people weight to me behind that persons back. Yes, I do talk about weight loss, but never about someone else weight Even if I am thinking it I don't say it, and if I do I say it to that person, and I say it coming from a place of wanting to help even if it doesn't sound that way. I will be the first to admit that I have a problem of picking the wrong time and place to say thing, but I am working on that.  

5. I don't know about others of you, but with me I am becoming more open and brutally honest. When I was over weight I was very shy wit what I had to say, and sometimes I wouldn't say it. I guess all of this hard work has just made me tougher I guess.  


7 people are listening to the comments, and not you. Listen?
  .   abigailnadrtbykau
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  .   khyali
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  .   Soland Sam
Congratulations on your weight loss! Please continue to inspiring people, just like me who are in the process of regaining my healthy body back after giving birth. Just like the girls from http://www.smartpaperhelp.com/blog/education-statistics-are-students-really-studying-so-hard-in-college who are having a hard time to continue and push thru.
  .   Leah isaac
Hello, congrats on the weight loss. I wish I could lose weight like that...
  .   Donna SEaman
I am so proud of you...losing weight is one of the hardest things to do and NO ONE understands unless they have had to do the same. Friends... I lost or had to get rid of a few.. they were happy that I lost the weight but wanted to force feed me... Jealous, worried that they had competition...I don't know and do longer care. Boyfriends, the one I had was very conscious of the fact that I was being looked at...very nervous. After some bad days I had to leave him. Chocolate is my drug of choice ...so like alcohol...I can not have any....haven't in over 10 years. For a long time I was an extremely verbal advocate for weight loss. Then I remembered...No one could tell me anything....I would listen and walk away thinking that THEY didn't know how hard it is for me.... I backed off. I don't want to add to someone's feeling of inadequateness. Enjoy the new clothes...the ability of getting into a movie seat or an airplane seat without being wedged in...And ..be happy...love the new you!!!!
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