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Use of Mini Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth with Thin Bone Tissue
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The given video created by BFC dental. This video describes the procedure of performing a mini dental implant on a patient who had lost two lower incisors.

Dental implants are effective measures for replacing missing teeth. Implants provide permanent solutions for problems such as darkening, decaying and broken teeth bones. Mini dental implants have been equally popular in the dentistry field due to the affordability and convenience.

The video describes a case where the patient was wearing acrylic denture in place of her missing teeth causing her inconvenience. The patient wanted to get Implants but her previous dentist could do so because of the thin tissue bone. The doctors at BFC conducted an x-ray 3D computed tomography for the inspection of her bone width and height. This helped them in formulating an astute treatment plan. Mini-Dental Implants with a length of 10mm and a 2.0mm diameter were inserted for supporting the crown. With the help of bone grafting material the gum and the natural contour of the bone overlying gum tissue was recreated to accommodate the artificial teeth. After 4 months when the bone and the gum healed porcelain crowns were placed.

The video also contains the live footage of surgery and the ‘before and after photographs’ of the surgery. Please watch the video and you can contact BFC dental to consult any tooth related problems.


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