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Top 10 Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes
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In a landmark survey conducted by the Public Health England (PHE), switching to e-cigarettes has been found to be a healthier alternative to tobacco and has the potential of to help quit addiction. The survey concludes that smoking e-cigarettes is 95% less damaging to anyone’s health and there is no evidence yet that they could be a way for younger kids to take up active smoking. Today, more than 2.6 million adults in the UK are using e-cigarettes to help their addiction. Only less than 1% of the survey group was found to have adopted e-cigarettes without a prior exposure to tobacco smoking.

The required research into e-cigarettes is far less than the popularity it has already gained across the globe. The market is booming and is even expected to outsell tobacco cigarettes in the next ten years. Between 2011 and 2012, the number of people using e-cigarettes has doubled and the numbers are expected to rise.

For someone who has never used an e-cigarette, it’s enough to say that it cooks like the normal cigarette and you can even puff out a cloud of healthy smoke! The smoke you see is actually vapor that is commonly seen in music shows. Inside the electronic stick is a battery that holds nicotine, other liquids and a couple of flavors. The more expensive the e-cigarette sticks, the more are the features. Some even come with refillable cartridges. While they cannot be said to be completely safe, they could be a huge step for smokers trying to quit. The nicotine inside is addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms. While this has caused a huge debate about the promotion of e-cigarettes, the do have certain advantages over normal cigarettes that everyone agrees upon.

The benefits of e-cigarettes

1. Zero tobacco, zero tar, zero toxins – apart from the nicotine, there is no other harmful substance in e-cigarettes. This makes it a perfect route to quit smoking.

2. No smoky smell – For people around smokers, the most hateful thing is the smoke. Well, with e-cigarettes, it’s just plain vapor.

3. No ash: You wouldn’t need an ashtray or worry about ash polluting the environment around.

4. Controlled intake: Most e-cigarettes allow users to control the amount of nicotine they intake.

5. Freedom to smoke anywhere: While smoking cigarettes is prohibited in several places, the vapor won’t be a problem.

6. Save more with refillable cartridge: E-cigarettes certainly let you save a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on cigarette packets.

7. Environment friendly: Apart from raising the risk of fire, normal cigarettes and cigars add to air pollution. Further, butts of normal cigarettes need to be discarded somewhere. E-cigarettes don’t have any polluting factor.

8. Socially acceptable: With more people growing health conscious, e-cigarettes are becoming more socially acceptable than the original version.

9. Wide range of flavors: Smokers can choose from a wide range of flavors and even switch between flavors in the same stick.

10. Available in a variety of styles: E-cigarettes come in stylishly designed sticks to match your personality.

Apart from these, e-cigarettes can last over a year and have been eventually seen to help the person get rid of his/her smoking addiction completely. While you wouldn’t get a prescription for an e-cigarette, you certainly would do better with it than the normal killer.

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