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The Truth About Diet Pills and Fad Diets
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So you want to start on a diet but you don't know what to do. You may be considering the most resent diet pill (or shot), or this new fancy product that says it will help you lose the weight with out changing your diet . The truth is yes that product will help you lose the weight while you are on it, or after you are done using that fancy new product, but the moment that you are done using it you will gain the weight right back. The reason is, is because you are not exercising and eating right.

Look, I know I am young and don't know much about the world, heck I am only 19 going on 20, but a lot about dieting and eating right for such a young person. If you are a young person like me, LISTEN, it is very important that you do exercise and have healthy diet. Having that is better than taking some pill or fancy product to help lose weight.

Like I said I am only 19 years old and still live at home, but that does not mean that I don't get on my parents about their diet. My family thinks that it is okay to take diet pills, and that is not okay. You really don't know what is really in those diet pills. It could be just sugar, to something that end up killing you one day. You really don't know what those infomercials are selling you!! They could say one thing but mean another.

Like today, I was sitting and watching TV when I saw a commercial for diet pills and diet food. Then I saw this 30 to 40 minute infomercial about this product about slim belt or the waistline belt or something like that. They had these people try it for 30 days. The people had to put on this belt and wear a cream for ten minutes twice a day. Yes the results were phenomenal, and I am not bashing these people sorry if it sounds like I am, but it didn't look natural. Yes while the tummy was gone and they had abs parts of the body still bulged somewhere. They were also saying that they didn't have to change their diet, and to me that just sound right.

To me, if you want to get results you have to work for it. Sure it might to come off, and it's not going to be easy, but its worth every minute of exhaustion. So no more excuses, just get up and do it!     

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