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The top 3 allergy problems and how you can avoid them before they become a problem
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You might be worried what the problems are, how people come to note that it has occurred to them or how they suddenly come to know what is bothering them.

Well, do undergo some ways that help to keep a note of the symptoms; these are nothing but a remedy to crack your allergy faster. Note down when they start, how long will they last and what seems to bring them on.

If you find that it is hard to tell or if it becomes too hard to handle, you need to see a doctor and do some of the allergy tests to go under the perfect medication and treatment.

Pollen Allergy

Most people call pollen allergy as Hay Fever, but pollen from different plants can ultimately trigger an allergy. The symptoms of the pollen attacks include sneezing, running nose, congestion in the nose and itchy eyes. For those who are allergic to pollen should stay home on a windy day, keep their windows closed and use an air conditioner.

How to treat it

  • You can opt for salt water nose rinse
  • Nasal sprays with steroids
  • Use of antihistamines
  • Use of decongestants that we either take by mouth or through a nasal spray
  • Take up allergy shots

Food Allergy

There are some foods which may bother you, but that does not mean you have an allergy. You can get an allergic reaction as soon as you eat food, and it can be both mild and severe. Milk, meat, fish, nuts and soybeans are the most common foods that cause allergies. They are associated with symptoms such as – wheezing, hives, diarrhoea, vomiting, and swelling around the mouth.

How to treat it?

  1. You need to avoid those foods which may lead to any problem after consuming
  2. If you think or found that you have allergy, you need to consult a doctor immediately
  3. Carry an epinephrine auto-injector that one can use during attacks.

Drug Allergy

Some people are there on the earth who are allergic to medicines as well such as aspirin or penicillin. You will find some symptoms that range from a mild reaction to something severe. Acute symptoms include hives itchy eyes or skin, belly pain, swelling in the mouth, throat, hands, and feet.

How to treat it?

  1. For those who are having anaphylaxis, you need to get hospitalized. For milder symptoms simply consult a doctor and opt for antihistamines and steroids
  2. If you find that you are suffering from a drug allergy, it is better to talk to the physician and refer to an allergy testing

If you are suffering from any of this allergy stated above, you must take the simple measures discussed above to avoid hazards. Precaution is always better than cure.


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