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The right guide to take care of your eyes
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The eyes are the most sensitive part and most important organ of the human body. It is the organ that helps us see, and any damage to it might result in serious causes and even cause visual impairment. The eye is the organ that comes with the tear glands' attachments and the eyelids and eyelashes. These protect the eyes from damage and from other foreign particles that can cause serious damage to the eyes. Protection and proper care of the eyes are very important to every individual.

Factors that can cause eye redness in eyes:

Redness and irritation in the eyes cause the blood vessels to swell up. As a result, the entire eye looks different. The most unacknowledged and less known factor for eye redness is dry eyes. Due to more screen time and less water intake, our water in our eyes often tends to dry up and causes eyesores and infection. This condition often requires medical advice as, besides drinking water, external medication is required to cure an individual of the disease.

Another eye ailment is the occurrence of conjunctivitis. In this case, the eyeball's outer membrane, known as the conjunctiva, and the inner eyelids are infected, to which eye redness, eye pain, and eye irritation might appear as symptoms. Serious conjunctivitis conditions often result in symptoms like discharge, light sensitivity, poor vision accompanied by a gritty feel.  

Sometimes, soreness in the eyes occurs due to exposure to bright sun. Strong radiations of the sun are a source of stress to the eyes and can irritate them. Use of sunglasses and photochromatic during daytime and blue screens and specially equipped glasses during long hours of eye-to-screen contacts are prescribed to protect the eye from further damage and redness.

One of the main sources of eye irritation and redness is the occurrence of allergies by dust. The entry of dust and other suspended particle can cause extreme irritation and itchiness. It can also lead to teary eyes and cause inflammation and, in rare cases, serious damage. Allergic reactions and colds can also result in soreness of the eyes, turning them red. Another reason which might lead to the irritation and redness in the eyes is swimming, as the excess chlorine used in the water to prevent algal bloom in the pool often reacts with the eyes, causing soreness.

How to deal with minor cases of eye irritation and eye redness?

Eye irritation and eye redness can easily be treated with some local medications, and eye drops available over-the-counter or can be purchased online easily. Besides eye drops, one can also opt for eye creams, antibiotics, and oral medications to treat such conditions. These minor problems should not be left avoided, and one should not hesitate to consult a doctor. Besides all these measures that one should take to treat eye infections, one should also take precautionary measures to control them and prevent them from occurring. Regular washing of eyes with cold water, at least 2-3 times a day, can reduce eye infection by 80%. Frequent cleaning of eyewear such as spectacles, sunglasses, lenses, etc., is also an important thing to keep in mind while caring for the eyes. A person should also keep in mind to make a visit to any eye specialist, ophthalmologist, or optician for a regular check-up of their eyes.

When is it necessary to visit an eye doctor??

Paying regular visits is necessary, but they need to visit a doctor heightens when certain symptoms start showing up. If you have any symptoms lasting for more than one week, contact the doctor immediately. Changes in vision and sensitivity towards light is another symptom is a very serious reason to consult any doctor. Besides all other factors, continuous discharge from eyes and no cure from any treatment done at home require immediate medical advice.

Home treatment includes regular washing of eyes with clean and cold water, proper rest and adequate sleep to provide rest to the eyes, reducing screen time by reducing the usage of mobile phones and other electric gadgets, wearing protective glasses while driving that will work as a shield and protect the eyes from dust, smoke, and allergens.

Following these methods can prevent eye infection in an individual and the use of different eye care products that have proven to be effective over time. The Lumify redness reliever eye drops, on applying, show immediate results and reduces the redness in the eye caused due to infection. Another ointment that is highly recommended for treating eye ailments is the Muro 128 5 ointment. The ingredients used in the ointment are very effective and provide immediate relief to any infection, redness, inflammation, and irritation feelings.

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