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The right elderly care can combat loneliness
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Loneliness is a condition suffered by a huge amount of elderly people. Many old people live alone and have very little contact with the outside world. This frequently leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Unfortunately loneliness can have a severe impact on a person's health and their state of mind.


Statistics show that social isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, which is a shocking reality. Loneliness can lead to depression and deterioration of physical health, and it can even exacerbate the symptoms of dementia. Visits from family and friends are hugely beneficial in combating loneliness and depression. Intergenerational contact is particularly helpful, but the reality is that people have busy lives and often families live far away.


If mobility allows, attending clubs and social events, as well as pursuit of hobbies can all be enjoyable and enable people to fill their time productively which helps them to stay busy, mix socially and remain mentally alert. Here, we look at how it is possible to eschew loneliness for your elderly relative, allowing them to better enjoy their later years.


Care homes

Moving to a care home in later life and leaving a family house can be an emotional upheaval. It's a huge step from living independently to become dependent on others. Care home staff can offer good support and companionship to people who are feeling lonely following a move but this is time consuming in an already very busy job.


Although difficult and a big step in anybody's life, care homes can offer a renewed social life. Residents no longer have to eat alone and many care homes offer fun, inclusive activities as well as the opportunity to spend time in lounges with other people, even if it's just to watch television with companions. Some people move into care homes or assisted living and have the time of their life, wishing they'd moved much sooner! However, although residents of care homes are not physically isolated from other people they can still feel lonely and some find it hard to make connections with other residents.


Home Care Services

Having the opportunity to remain in your own home with no upheaval of moving and no sense of being uprooted whilst having someone for providing care at home is one of the best solutions to loneliness. Live in care offers a personalised service from the same familiar faces. In home care offers the opportunity to talk one to one throughout the day and enable elderly people to maintain the routine that they're happy with. Remaining in their own home means that people can keep their pets which can be a great comfort. It also means that neighbours and friends can still visit. Live in carers can help elderly people to continue doing the things that they love including day trips or perhaps even just visiting the supermarket or going for a walk. This helps people to stay socially and physically active and it's great for maintaining good mental health an

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