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Role of a Physiotherapist in Providing the Best Treatment to the Patients
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Physiotherapy is one of the medical treatment methods that are becoming more and more popular day by day. The role of a physiotherapist is to administer the various treatments to the patient, who is suffering from various physical problems or ailments that restrict him from performing day to day activities. Physiotherapy can be used for treating a variety of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, back pain , different types of arthritis, post operative rehabilitation and muscular and tissue injuries.

The treatments offered in physiotherapy are meant to help patent in feeling les pain and increase the speed of the healing process. Physiotherapy has also become an important part of the training of the athletes and players as they very often face injuries during their games that need to be treated immediately.

Typical Tasks of a Physiotherapist

There are many different tasks that are performed by the physiotherapist to decide the course of treatment for the patient. These tasks include:

Assessment- Once the patient approaches the therapist; he thoroughly diagnoses the condition, abilities and limitation of the patient so that it is easier to plan a treatment plan for him.

Use of treatment- After a complete diagnostic, there are several techniques and modalities that are used for treatment of the patient that help in improving the conditions of the muscles and tissues. The main objective of these techniques is to manipulate the muscles with the help of message, exercise, stretches and breathing techniques.

Rehabilitation- Rehabilitation is the process in which the patient is provided proper treatment to resume his normal life after a major surgery or a trauma. The surgeries can include a joint replacement surgery such as knee replacement or a hip replacement surgery. The physiotherapist used different techniques and modalities such as COM, electrotherapy, and wax bath and heat therapy to accelerate the recovery process of the patient and help him in recovering fat.

Equipment Allocations- With new and advanced technologies introduced to Physiotherapy, there are many different types of physiotherapy instruments available that can be used for better treatment of the patients. These instruments include treadmills, heat therapy instrument, electrotherapy instruments, that can help in faster recovery of the patients. The therapists can buy Physiotherapy equipments online India and give better services and treatment to the patient.

Educate the patient- The patient must be educated about his condition and do’s and don’ts for betterment of his health. The patients must also be educated about some of the exercises and breathing techniques that he can use at home also to keep his pain at the minimum.

In addition to these, the physiotherapist also has to maintain record of the patients with their case history for his personal reference in future. In addition to that, the physiotherapist also has to be well-informed about the latest developments in the field of medical science so that he could provide the best treatment to the patient. For this, he might have to attend several seminars and consult other fellow therapists to stay updated.

Author’ Bio: The author is a physiotherapist and runs his own clinic. Apart from that, he also likes to write informative articles about the medical topics for many websites such as http://medicalbazzar.com/.


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  .   Deborah Axtell
Very nicely described post by Author about Physiotherapy equipment and its usefulness. EMT jobs
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