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Reversing Thyroid-Induced Hair Loss Is Possible
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Several things can cause hair loss and thyroid happens to be one of them – whether you have an over or under active thyroid, there is the chance of hair loss, and while there are medicines to handle thyroid, the chances of your hair returning to their normal glory are slightly bleak. However, this does not mean that you stop taking care of your hair, because there are actually methods by which you can reverse the hair loss induced by thyroid.

When you come to us at AK Clinics, looking for a way to reverse your thyroid induced hair loss, we will take the time to understand your medical history first. Gaining a clear understanding of where things could be going wrong, will allow us to treat you better.

  • Our first step will be to check all your labs, including your TSH, FT4, FT3 and RT3 levels and make sure that they are all at the optimal levels. In case any of the levels are not right, we will first aim at optimising those.
  • If you have a thyroid problem, chances are that you are already on some sort of medication, but more than the right medicine, it is the dosage that makes all the difference. If the certain medication you are taking is what is causing the hair loss, we will assist you with the solutions.
  • There are certain foods which will actually aggravate your thyroid problem, such as corn, eggs, certain nuts and seeds. Consuming these on a regular basis will actually increase the chances of hair loss, which is why you will need to reduce those and include foods such as meat, leafy greens, vegetables that provide starch and of course healthy fats.
  • In all probability, you will need a multivitamin that takes care of all your nutritional needs and you might also be required to take biotin, which is commonly known as vitamin H. As a matter of fact, Biotin is commonly prescribed for people who are suffering from hair loss caused by thyroid. Doctors at AK Clinics will be able to assist you in terms of which supplement to include in your diet and what the precise dosage should be.   
  • Hair loss, even for people with thyroid, is often associated with a deficiency of iron in the body. A full blood workup will reveal whether you have an iron deficiency and should the same be detected, you will be asked to include iron supplements in your diet immediately. You can also include iron rich foods in your diet, such as meat and green leafy vegetables.
  • With the imbalance in hormones that thyroid tends to bring, there will also be a possible imbalance in your blood sugar levels. In case that is happening, again you will see hair loss, and the only way to curb is to balance your sugar levels. Our team of experts at AK Clinics will be able to guide you in terms of how to handle hair loss caused due to elevated sugar levels.
  • Human hair needs collagen to be healthy and when your body is struggling against thyroid, chances of collagen being present in ample amount is less. In such a case, you will need to add more collagen to your body, and for that you might need a supplement.
  • These days, you will be able to get shampoos, which are meant to protect hair that might have been damaged due to several factors, including health related conditions such as thyroid. Look for shampoos and conditioners that will nourish and replenish your hair.
  • For people who are suffering from hair loss due to thyroid, coconut oil can prove to be a god sent, because the medium-chain fatty acids and the healthy saturated fats in this oil can help people with thyroid imbalance. While you can consume a spoonful of coconut oil every day, you can also use it for hair massages.
  • There are several other natural remedies such as evening primrose oil, saw palmetto and sea kelp, which are known to help with hair restoration, especially when the hair loss has been caused by thyroid imbalances. However, you will need to talk to an expert, before using any of these.

If nothing seems to be working for you and your thyroid hair loss is getting too much to handle, you can also visit any one of the centres of AK Clinics, and the team of doctors and hair care experts will find a solution for you! 

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