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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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The behavior of people and their reaction to different situations varies, and normal persons do not worry too much about these things. But there are some people who react in other ways, and some of them may become over anxious, constantly worry and react though repetitive actions that betray the state of their mind. There are people who always want to clean their hands, others who cannot give up the need to constantly check on things, those always preoccupied with religious thoughts, thoughts of violence or preoccupied with sex. Some people go in for very nervous rituals impervious to what others say. All these symptoms are a sign of some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. 

People can recognize the signs of OCD in their own behavior, if they notice that they are constantly performing certain actions, even when there is obviously no need for them. This is an article of Mayo Clinic explaining the signs and symptoms of OCD. They must ask themselves as to what will happen if they do not act in that manner. If you fear that things may go wrong, just because you have not done something which is totally unconnected to the situation, you need to find some treatment for your OCD. 

There is a feeling among sufferers, that OCD can be managed with drugs, and that it is not possible to be completely cured of the disorder. For effective treatment of OCD, it is very necessary that the sufferer must have the confidence that the disorder can be completely cured and that he or she will be able to live and react to things like normal people do. You also need to gather sufficient information of this mental disorder and understand that it is one that has affected a great number of people, and that there have also been many persons who have completely got over their previous compulsions. 

To become OCD free is no easy thing, and does require a lot of persistence and hard work. The disorder also developed slowly, because you were getting into habits gradually, maybe due to certain circumstances that convinced you that you could get rid of your fears by certain actions. In childhood, many children are convinced that they will have something going wrong for them, if they do not take care to skip over the joints on the pavement tiles on their way to school. A problem is encountered by chance, on some day when they stepped on a joint, and it them becomes a compulsion to always skip over joints.  

A cure for OCD takes time, and if there are programs that say they can get rid of it for you in an hour, stay away from them. What you will require to affect any cure is constant awareness of the OCD, persistent action to get rid of it, and faith in yourself that you can change your compulsive habits. Any cure of OCD require you to constantly perform mental exercises that need to be undertaken, whenever you are faced with the situation, which earlier triggered the compulsive behavior. These exercises have to be decided depending on the personality of the person and the type of compulsive behavior. It may be something as simple as distracting your mind or repeating to yourself that nothing can happen. Over a period of time, when the dreaded event does not happen, the OCD sufferer will realize that there is no connection between the behavior and the event, and will slowly get weaned away from the need for that compulsive action. 

Psychological therapy and behavior therapy are the treatment that the patient can choose any of them. 

Normal people do not have OCD, and have to deal with any situation, do so by rationally thinking it through and dealing with it as per the circumstances present. They never anticipate it, and always remain optimistic about how things will turn out, while a person with OCD will always imagine the worst, and go in for some rituals which are felt will help to avert the likely disaster. For healing OCD, it is this last stage that is the most difficult and can take a lot of effort and constant control over avoiding the compulsive behavior.

Surround yourself with people who have no symptoms of this disorder, and keep far away from people who do. The constant company of these people will help you to start behaving like them and ultimately heal your OCD.  



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In addition to psychological and behavioral therapy, one can also try taking brain pills which can help in treatment of OCD.
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