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We often hear about the drawbacks of late-night eating but continue to consume food right before the bedtime. Learn about the main consequences of this habit and give it up for God’s sake:


1. Disrupted sleep

According to the best NYC doctors, insomnia is one of the most common consequences of eating right before your bedtime. If you load your organism with food, it will require a considerable amount of time and energy for digestion. It means that you will toss and turn instead of enjoying sweet dreams.


2. Skipping breakfast

Many people limit themselves to a cup of coffee in the morning because they aren’t hungry (so they say). Heavy dinners can be the reason! If you eat too much in the evening, your stomach can’t digest everything, so you wake up feeling full. Skipping breakfast is a huge mistake, so stop eating so much in the evening.


3. Heartburn

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of burning in your chest, then you know what heartburn is firsthand. Consumption of highly acidic or fatty foods such as fruit juices, tomatoes, cheesy toppings, etc. can make you experience this condition again. The situation becomes worse when we lie down, so avoid these foods before going to bed.


4. Overeating

Late-night snacks very often turn into a huge meal followed by a dessert. According to the best NYC doctors, it’s much easier to eat more in the evening than you intended in the first place; moreover, people make bad food choices such as potato chips, cookies, or candy bar. This bad habit leads to extra calories and weight gain.


Find more tips for your health here http://www.nyneurologists.com/

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