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More weird things that have happened after weight loss
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1. Me becoming more thick skinned. People do have tendencies to talk about me behind my back and call me mean things. Before, when I was over weight,  that  would have bothered me to the point to where I would go and cry in my room. I think that the programs that I have been doing have taught me to not care about what anyone else has to say and just take care of me. For instance when an older person yells at me and calls me the b- word I would just say, "Come on, keep them coming, I have been called worse than that!" (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names (and words) will never hurt me!)

2. People asking me if I make mistakes! Um, yes, I am human. I am not perfect, and I don't wish to be. I try to stick to my healthy eating, but like I said in the last blog sometimes I just need sugar. When you have chocolate you can't just eat one! No you have to eat the whole thing, and then regret it later. That is why I came up with a quote myself, 

                                          "Regret nothing, but make everything a life lesion!"

3. People thinking they know what is good for me! Now I don't mean this to be offensive to anyone, but if I do come off as offensive I am sorry its just my opinion. I hate it when people who are bigger than me, and whom have quit on their diet because they don't see results quickly, are telling me what is good for me and what is not. Um, I am the person who is still going strong. I am the person eating salad while you are the person that is eating a gargantuan  meal that could feed about for people in sitting and then going for a whole box of pizza by yourself. DON'T GO TELLING ME WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME WHEN I SEE YOU DOING THAT! I am not going to let you steamroll over me and what I know to be right with the things you obviously know are wrong!  I have gotten results because the things I have done are right. You may not agree with me and that's fine, but I will not let you or any one walk on me like a welcome mat. If you want some to down to you look elsewhere, because I am not going to bow down like a dog!



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