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Managing and Treatment of the Deadly Heart Attack
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Heart attack is fatal. "Every year, 715,000 Americans have a heart attack" (Source: Healthline).  Because of this reason, it is important that you read widely on the subject to get to understand the main factors that can put you at greater risks. One must also learn how you can protect yourself from such risks. There are many reports that have been released which can help you identify the risk factors and how you can control them. Most of the reports single out conditions ranging from high blood pressure, lack of exercise, lifestyle and unhealthy diet as the main causes of heart attack: deadly diseases that can cost your life. This blog looks at the causes of heart attack, what one should do and how doctors have been trying to managing it. 

Many years ago, heart diseases specifically heart attack was one of the main causes of death that used to claim more than a half of its victims in a very short period of time. The physiological process of heart attack had not been mastered by doctors and thus, the best they could do was to let nature take its course. Most of the doctors thought that the only thing one could do was to calm the patient and keep him quiet. They argued that by keeping them calm and quiet, it could control and prevent heart rhythm problems. Sudden increase of heart rhythm is thought to be a leading factor that leads to a fatal heart attack. Thus, doctors argued that by calming the patient, it could prevent the next heart attack from occurring. If this is done at the right time, it was believed that it could save one from a severe heart attack that could cost one's life. 

In the recent times, advanced science and technological innovation have greatly improved management and treatment of heart attack. Understanding the heart attack process could lead to more than 9% of the people  surviving myocardial infarction ; which refers to  the area of the dying heart muscle  that  has been damaged by interruption and interference of heart muscle. This has helped the doctors to diagnose and treat mild heart attack. 

In 1970's, and 1980's, there was increased understanding of reasons behind heart attack and hence improvement in the heart attack survival cases. Doctors realized that the main cause of heart attack was sudden formation of blood clots that was blamed for blocking of arteries.  From this, medics carried out research and experiments that helped them bust the clots. The use of aspirin and angioplasty that opens the artery has helped to reduce heart attack deaths to a great extend. Here's an informative timeline of World Health Organization about heart disease, heart attack and more.

Today there are many people who are survivors of heart attack. Such people are able to live with scarred and damaged heart for many years. It is advisable to get the patient to hospital so that he can be treated as soon as the first symptom is seen. Doctors have been able to develop and determine patients having a heart attack and put them to treatment almost immediately.  

What the doctors do after diagnosing that a patient is suffering from heart attack, doctors will find a way of protecting and supporting the heart during the attack. They then subject the patient to treatment that rebuilds and regenerate the muscles after the attack has occurred.  They then initiate processes that prevent further strokes and attacks. 

Managing and treatment of ailments such as cancer using radiation therapy exposes one to greater risks of heart attack. Use of medication for BPH and erectile dysfunction has also been blamed for increasing the chances of suffering from heart attack. Thus such treatments are only recommended in cases where other options are not available. This has helped reduce chances of heart attack.


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Disclaimer: All of the information mentioned here should not be used as a replacement for a professional medical advice. Consult your physician immediately.

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  .   Deborah Axtell
CPR Certification NYC : Very well and briefly described post by Author.
  .   Caroline Tobin
Very well written! My Dad died instantly from a heart attack, aged just 60. He was always very active, a small farmer in West Cork, Ireland, ate very healthily, lots of fish, rarely ate red meat, grew his own veg etc. He did have an inbuilt loathing of doctors and hospitals in particular, so calling into the doctor to have a very easy, quick blood pressure test was never on his agenda. So without knowing it he had very high blood pressure. You may think he must have been overdosing on salt, or high calorie fatty products but I can honestly say that he never did. One thing not mentioned in your blog is hereditary factors. His own father, my grandfather died of exactly the same thing at the same age and when I looked into the family tree and did a bit of research myself, it turns out that my great grandfather died of a heart attack as well. Coincidence ...I don't think so somehow.... Such sadness caused by ignorance of the easiest test ever. A simply blood pressure test. Well done. Caroline Tobin
  .   Deborah Reed
Sorry about what happened to your father. Yeah, you're correct. I forgot to include the hereditary factors. So, it is really important to have complete annual check-up so that we'll know if we're at risk of any disease.
  .   Hindolo Gordon
Interesting, you are well educated.
  .   Deborah Reed
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