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Less Sleep Makes You Gain Weight
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It can be hard to relax on nighttime after working hard all day long. It is the only time of the day that you get to do what you want which means many people end up cutting back on sleep to fit in the things they love. Not only will not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night damage your health but it will also make you gain weight.

There are more distractions than ever before which make it difficult to switch the brain off on a night time to get some sleep. While smartphone has improved our lives it also comes at the cost of being constantly connected which can make it difficult to relax. One of the best things you can do to get a good night sleep is to turn off your phone. Also, having a quality memory foam mattress is important.

Factors That Make Your Gain Weight Sleeping

There are many different things that can make you put on weight when not getting enough sleep. Each case is on an individual basis but there are three main components that affect body weight.
#1: Awake More

The first is that because you are awake more of the time, the more chance there is of your eating more. Research has shown that those that are awake over a long period of time tend to eat more than those that get the correct amount of sleep.

#2: Hormonal Patterns

The second factor is due to having abnormal hormonal patterns. Extensive studies show that when the sleep cycle becomes disturbed, it impacts the body's hormone levels. Ghrelin which is the hormone that contract hunger is shown to increase and the levels of the inducing hormone (leptin) decrease. If these cravings are not contracted sleep deprivation could cause binge eating which will greatly increase the weight of the person.

#3: Diet

The third factor is diet and a large number of people who suffer from sleep disorders eat food and consume drinks that are a stimulant which keeps them awake. People who have high sugar diets and drink lots of caffeine such as coffee all have difficulty sleeping at night. The sugary diet will greatly increase weight along with been amplified by the lack of sleep.

#4: Energy Levels

If you want to get a good night's sleep it is vital that you burn off all of your energy. If you do not your brain will not be able to unwind and your body will become restless. Extensive data shows that those that exercise the least find it the most difficult to sleep. If you want to get a great night sleep and lose weight at the same time, make sure you start to exercise on a regular basis.


It is not just adults who suffer from sleeping disorder but children also. Obesity is on the rise all over the world and unless action is taken this problem will get worse. If you want to avoid this from happening to you or simply want to lose weight, then make sure you cut out the sugar food, get lots of exercises and switch all of your distraction off when you go to your bedroom.

Now that you know what you need to do, here are 5 tips to help you sleep better!

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