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Korean Skincare: 4 Things You Should Know
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Korean skincare has been making substantial flawless waves in the beauty racks all over the world ever since the beauty junkies noticed the youthful skin of those huge Korean pop stars. Luckily, Korean brands such as The Face Shop and Innisfree have given us the opportunity to have the coveted Korean glass skin through their products.  

If you are quite a newbie to the Korean skincare craze, then here are a few things for you.

Korean skincare gives excellent value for your money.

Korean skincare is relatively less expensive than its western counterparts. But before you question its effectiveness, Korean products are made with natural ingredients and state of the art technology. These products work as well if not better than the other western, more expensive and famous brands. 

Korean skincare focuses on prevention rather than a cover-up.

Koreans believe that flawless makeup is hooked on a flawless and healthy base. And by base, we mean skin hence the effort they put into keeping their skin acne-free and healthy. We have seen many famous beauty gurus who depend on their flawless makeup on heavy-duty foundations and concealers. Koreans, on the other hand, prefer to have a lightweight foundation and have that my-skin-but-better look. 

Sheet masks should not last for more than 20 minutes or must be removed on the face before drying out.

While some focus on other concerns such as skin irritation, elasticity, or cell repair, sheet masks are first and foremost meant to hydrate and put more moisture on the face. However, beauty experts advise removing these masks before they dry out as they tend to dry out the skin as well. 

The 10 step beauty regimen the Koreans have made famous are meant to give us the glass skin.

This beauty regimen can be excruciating if you are in a big hurry, drained of energy, or basically if you are on the lazy side of the beauty dresser. However, if you want to achieve the glass-like, poreless, and smooth skin, then these steps are essential and should be done religiously. Find which products suit you best before you invest on a whole slew of skincare for your daily regimen. 

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