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Health Insurance
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First things first. Purchasing the right Health insurance for you and your loved ones is a complicated process. There are numerous insurance providers in United States. The plans are ever confusing. And you don't know your real share unless after you see a doctor.

I want to introduce an emerging health insurance provider in this blog post, Sidecar Health. I don't want to say Sidecar Health is the ultimate answer for everyone's health insurance needs, but I'm confident it perfectly suits a specific category of people. Check out if Sidecar Health suits your needs.

Top features of Sidecar Health insurance...

(1) No networks
Sidecar Health has no networks, so you can see any licensed health care professional you like. They pay the same amount toward a service regardless of who the doctor is. The advantage? You can shop around and find a doctor that charges within what sidecar health pays.

Let's say you need to see a dermatologist and your policy covers 80% of the expense.

You check Sidecar Health website and find that they cover $150 for this visit. Since your coverage is 80%, you are responsible for $30. But it doesn't end there.

You research and locate a doctor that charges $120. Now, since Sidecar Health pays $120 no matter what the doctor charges, you don't have to pay anything from your pocket.

Thus, you save your out-of-pocket costs by shopping around. Ever seen a health insurance that converts your negotiation skills into some real money?

(2) Affordable

Sidecar Health plans are affordable. Don't trust me? You don't have to. Check yourself and find out.

(3) Easy to use interface

Sidecar Health website and their Android app are easy to navigate. Why is this important? Big insurance companies confuse you with complex terminologies and make you spend more. You get confused, they make money.

This doesn't happen with Sidecar Health. Check the website yourself.

For more details visit, Sidecar Health

Note: They cover only those who live in Texas as of today, but more states are coming soon.

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