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Important things to consider before Sourcing Products from China
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Before sourcing any product from any country there are factors one needs to consider, before making any purchase and before settling for a particular company. Here are some of the thing to consider before sourcing products from China.

Total Amount Required

Many buyers forget to calculate the entire cost of a product from transportation, taxes, finance and so on. Most people only calculate the cost of buying and delivery, sometimes its best to calculate the entire cost so as not to have your product put on hold. Have extra money to allow you to pay for small miscellaneous that come along the way.

Product Quality

It is very important to know the quality of a product before purchasing it, this is because when one buys a poor quality product, and there will be another cost involved when returning it. To avoid this, one should visit the manufacturer before making any purchase or one can order a paid sample to confirm the quality of a product.


The type of transport you choose will determine how fast your order will arrive. There are many methods present for transportation, one needs to know the cost and weigh out the best option when it comes to logistics.


It is important to have everything written in paper and signed by the person you are dealing with, this can be used for future reference and also if something goes wrong one can always prove it.


Countries such as US and Canada import products from China and sell them to different countries, if you find a particular countries imports a particular product, it is easy to buy from them instead of buying direct especially if the importing country is near.

Supplier Responsiveness

There are suppliers that are slow in responding, if you have an established market, it would be difficult to be ahead of competition with a slow supplier. The best thing is to set guidelines with the supplier on when and how you will be communicating, this will ensure a smooth flow of communication and supply even if you are in different time zones.

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