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How To Take Proper Care of Your Feet
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When a foot ulcer is developing, it is essential to seek a prompt medical attention. Poor blood circulation and/or nerve damage due to poorly managed diabetes may lead to foot gangrene and necrotic changes. Here’re some of the preventive measures to undertake:

Examine your feet regularly for cuts, blisters, cracks, redness, swelling or tenderness. If you have trouble seeing your feet, use of a hand-mirror.

Foot Amputation    

Clean your feet in warm water daily. Make sure they are dry between the toes. Use talcum powder, if necessary. To keep the skin smooth, apply a moisturizing cream.

Do not remove bumps or other foot abrasionsby yourself with a nail clipper, nail file or scissors. Ask your physician or podiatrist for help.

Wear clean and dry socks made of fibers that pull away sweat from the skin, such as acrylic and cotton socks. Avoid elastic bands that decrease circulation, and also bulky socks.

Purchase comfortable shoes with a cushion for the heel, ball and arch of the foot. Don’t wear narrow or tight-fitting shoes. Consider buying specially designed footwear.

Don’t smoke as it impairs circulation and leads to cardiovascular problems and halts the healing of foot sores.

Schedule regular foot checkups with your podiatrist to examine your feet at least once a year.

Consume healthy foods, exercise regularly, and control your blood-sugar level that will eventually help you to avoid foot amputation.

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