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How to safely get big vapor clouds out of your e-cigarette
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Many vapers want to produce massive clouds of vapor,  as the view of exhaling plumes of vapor is much fancy. And let’s be honest, many vapers like this because it will catch lots of attention and get your friends saying “wow, how did you do that”. If rebuildable mods and sub-ohm is too hassle for you, or you just don’t want to take the risk, this blog is for you.

Here Cacuqecig will explore the factors which may have effect on vapor clouds your electronic cigarette produces.

1. More VG

VG is the abbreviation of vegetable glycerin (VG). It captures moisture from the air better. Therefore it creates larger vapor clouds. When you create your own custom e-liquid, consider to add more VG to increase vapor production. While there is a downside to this, VG isn’t as conducive to strong flavors. And more VG means less PG, PG plays a large part in strong throat hit. Ultimately, you may have to choose between vapor clouds and flavor plus throat hit.

2. Low ohm value

Lower ohm coils has less resistance, thus they get hotter quicker, which allows you to burn through the e-liquid faster. Therefore it will produce more vapor clouds.

However, the e-liquid consumption will be high in this case and you will run out of e-liquid sooner.

3. Low nicotine strengths for direct pull

“Direct pulling” is when a user inhales directly from the mouthpiece at the same time they are breathing into their lungs, which allows greater amounts of vapor to be inhaled and exhaled per pull.

To do this, you may make sure the nicotine strength in your e-liquid is low. Otherwise it will cause burning sensation in your throat, which you don’t want. Lowering the nicotine level to 0.6%-1.2% should allow you to comfortably pull as much vapor as your lungs can hold.

4. Electronic cigarette devices

The type of devices plays a key role in vapor clouds too. Different brands may vary in quality and experience. We suggest you choose those vapor cig devices from reputable brands and read reviews before purchasing for better understanding of the item.

We believe that following these advices, you will be able to enjoy vaping big clouds without necessarily doing sub ohm.

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