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How to prevent burnt taste on 510 atomizers
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E-cigarette is becoming quite popular nowadays, in a large part it owns to variety flavors of e-liquids to match different needs. A new user may sometimes experience terrible first taste that leaves a burnt taste in mouth. Here are some causes that might produce this problem and the respective fixing.

Aspire Triton


E-liquid could possibly be the problem for your bad tasting e-cig, if you don’t source your e-liquid from a reputable vendor, while the major causes are on the e-cig devices, as below:

1. Factory primer. All new atomizers come with a factory primer. This primer has a terrible taste that most users find annoying.

You can use a simple way to remove factory prime in few minutes. First, put two or three small drops of e-liquid on your wick, then take some puffs off of the device, but do not inhale the vapor into your lungs.

Second, blow each puff out of your mouth quickly. This will allow the primer to be removed from your Cacuq E-cig and you won’t have to deal with that nasty taste that can ruin your first electronic cigarette moment.

2. Dry wick. If you draw too long on each puff or using too high power setting for adjustable power device, more liquid will be heated and the e-liquid will run low on your atomizer soon, you will likely get a burnt taste if not replacing e-liquid timely. Do smaller puffs and this problem should be minimized.

Additionally, if you are not going to use your atomizers for an extended amount of time, it is important to remove your cartridge and clean the device before you store it. This will prevent bad tastes from building up due to the material in the cartridge burning from being dried out.

3. Atomizers clogged or dirty. Atomizers need to be cleaned at least once a week. You can soak it in different liquids such as a baking soda and water mixture and other mixtures. This will remove old and dried liquid that can become burned in the device and leave a bad taste in your mouth. Also coke does wonders for cleaning. You will just need to soak your atomizer in coke for about fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. Make sure that you dry your filter thoroughly before using it again.

4. Vegetable-based e-liquid. Your coil can get covered in gunk residue, quite rapidly, and when it keeps burning, it will keep melting. Luckily, a simple rinsing will get rid of most of the gunk.

If you will follow these simple advice, you will minimize encountering bad tastes in your electronic cigarette. If the problem keeps occurring, we suggest you to contact the manufacturer with further questions.

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