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How smoothie blenders differ from regular blenders
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The desire to live a healthy lifestyle has moved people from buying ready-made juices and smoothies who now wants to make and eat everything fresh. As a result, the rush to get blenders has confused many who do not know the difference between a smoothie blender and a regular blender. Below is an outline of what differentiates a smoothie blender from a regular blender:

A smoothie blender is designed for use in blending hard substances like nuts and ice whereas a regular blender will not be able to blend hard substances unless you add water. Even then, the outcome will not be as smooth as that of a smoothie blender as you may get chunks of the unblended ingredient in your cup as you drink.

Smoothie blenders are smaller in size and yet very powerful and firm; a smaller blender, on the other hand, might not give you the desired results as they have less power. You have to buy a large blender if you need to see good results.

A smoothie blender has a tap to directly pour the blended substance into the drinking cup and you do not have to lift the jug; a regular blender does not have a dispensing tap and you have to lift the entire content and pour into a cup manually. A smoothie blender will, therefore, make work easier as you will simply leave the cup under the tap and your drink will get safely into the cup.

When you buy a smoothie blender, you will get a free stirring stick for mixing the blended substance whereas a regular blender does not have such provision and you may end up getting an outcome that is either too thick or bitty.

The cost of a smoothie blender is higher compared to the cost of a regular blender; the least you can pay for a smoothie blender is $29.99 whereas you can get a regular blender for as low as $10.00.

Smoothie blenders have the ability to make frozen drinks and keep them in the same state; though ice may be used in regular blenders, the ice will melt in the end and separate. What you made will not be of much use unless you repeat the process all over again.


Though it is possible to use a regular blender in the same way as a smoothie blender, the outcome will not be as perfect. You may try to make a smoothie using a blender but you may end up with unblended pieces in your cup. A good regular blender is big in size and takes up too much space in the kitchen whereas a small-sized smoothie blender will perform better and will not consume too much space. If you are looking for consistency and quality in blending, a smoothie blender will be the right choice. Always remember to use the blender as required as however perfect it may be, it will break down if you use it in the wrong way. Read the user’s manual carefully to fully understand the proper working of your blender.


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