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How I lost weight ( and still going)
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Two years ago I was starting my  Jr. year of high school. That summer something in me changed in a big way.  June 19th something in me just clicked and I started to eat healthy and I started to workout.  At first I started with just 30 minutes of walking. That summer I went from being 235 pounds to about 185 pounds. Around that time I started to up my workouts. I started working out on my elliptical, and doing Pilates, core work, and yoga. That got me down to about 170 pounds. Then my little sister got INSANITY for her birthday and she tried it,  and sadly did not stick with it. (My sister is not fat like I was, she is in fact very active, but she just could not do it.) Then going into my senior year of high school I thought, " Well why not give INSANITY a shot, and I did. I stuck with it for 60 days and lost about ten pounds. Then I asked my mom for P90x for Christmas. I couldn't stick with it the first 90 days, but I did not give up. So around February I tried it again, and I stuck with it this time. My start weight was 162.8 pounds, and at the end I was at 138.0 pounds. In the middle of my P90x transformation I switched to vegetarianism because meat made me sick. (Still do eat fish sometimes, but not all the time. And I only can eat some types of fish.) Now I am doing a P90x INSANITY hybrid and am down to 134.0.

My mom and all her friends like to call me anorexic, but that is not true, as my step- dad and sister have told her. I have come to ignore her and all the nay sayers that I have in my life. To me if they are willing to talk behind my back and call me names like that; then it just means that they are too lazy and jealous to get up and do it themselves. I am willing to work hard to get to where I am and where I want to be. A quote I have come up with is, "If you give it your all, all will repay you!" And I am living proof of that.

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