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Great Abdominal Exercises
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For many great abs are their number one training goal. Rather than big arms, people want a more toned, flatter midriff and where possible to show off those wonderful muscles that lie underneath – the abdominals.

Wrongly, though, the first step to great abs is thought by many to start immediately working out. There is much more to attaining mind blowing abs than finding a gym, indeed the biggest contributing factor lies in what you do away from the gym, i.e. your diet.

Even with amazing gym offers such as https://www.payasugym.com/flexible-gym-day-and-monthly-passes, the real key lies – as it so often does –with the power of knowledge.Here then we look at a multitude of tangibles that when combined can help you achieve your best abs, from diet to exercise, technique to tips. Let’s start the process….


The truth is great abs are made in the kitchen not by repetitive crunches. Your abdominal muscles may be strong and toned, but if they are hidden behind a wall of belly fat, then no matter how hard you train, they’ll stay hidden away. You need to be lean of body fat to have any chance of seeing them, say around 10% or less, so cardiovascular workouts in the form of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT will help. But always remember it is easier to eat 500 calories less in a day than it is to burn 500 more. Always start with your diet.

The Local Gyms Near Me

Having resolved to improve your diet, you’ve now also found a gym, and decided to hit your abs hard – great. But you need to work hard, really hard. Don’t worry, your abs can take it, the question is can you?

The best exercises for a stronger core (abs and obliques) will always include the following:


The standard plank involves starting in a press-up position and then dropping to your elbows. You need to keep your back straight (like a plank right!) and feel your core engaged. Start at 30 seconds, then increase, always striving for longer, but not at the expense of form.


Starting in plank, bring your right knee up to your right elbow, then left to left and repeat – as if climbing a wall. Again, form is everything.


Stand tall, arms out in front, holding a cable pull at parallel to the ground central to chest, then turn in the direction of the cable and return to centre, repeating on both sides. Do not overdo the weight at first, practice form over weight, then add a little weight to start. Even a small resistance will engage your abs.


Like a normal crunch, but try to touch your right elbow to left knee, and vice versa, as you pull up. Doing it quickly will seem a little manic and it is better in any event to do it in slow motion, keeping everything engaged.


Lie in an X shape, crunching up, trying to touch left hand to right foot, and vice versa. Make sure your neck and shoulder come off the ground and your legs stay straight. The body will always try and cheat to find an easier away, your task is to not let it do so.


A Swiss ball or rolling wheel will allow you to roll out, from your knees, and back. Even a short roll engages the muscle groups.

These are a few of the better ab exercises, and there are many. Change things around but not excessively as you won’t see the progress if you do. With these exercises and a new attitude to food, your journey to better abs has begun.

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