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Get the Best of Flower Power! The Healing Magic
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Flower are not just beauty and grace, they are healers too.

From ages, flower therapy is considered effective to treat turmoil. Not only that, if kept in living spaces, flowers cure through their aroma, different calming shades and positive energy that they send out in the environment. This remedy acts magically in many cases as it makes a direct contact between nature and the convalescent. Since both, the floral touch and their presence extend into positive sphere, flower therapy deals with metaphysical cases depending upon one’s spiritual practice and psychical abilities.

Since flowers offer a soothing inclination, let us learn about some healing flowers and their effect on our well-being:


Apart from a successful antiseptic; Hyacinth is an awesome motivator for rebuilding lost self-esteem and trust. A bunch kept inside your home, motivates people to do better in life., A bunch of Hyacinth is perfect to encourage a dear one.


It is the silent healer of any domestic or professional conflict. The energies sent out by this flower calm the senses and help to bring two people closer, forgetting the differences. Also, keeping a pot of Geranium works like an antidepressant. Additionally, it also acts as an effective antiseptic on burns, bruises, acne and eczema.


It is an excellent herb for restoring happiness and peace. It also safeguards against brutality and spite. The medical merits of Lavender are that it is a perfect medicine for migraines, throat and chest congestions, depression and insomnia. If you are willing to help someone lead a better life, send flowers to Delhi, a beautifully wrapped bunch of Lavender.


Snapdragon decreases anger, particularly causing self-harm.  It eases off the over-stressed muscles, nervous tension and stiff joints. A few pleasant stems of this flower kept in bedroom aid sound sleep and fresh mornings.


In many cultures Jasmine symbolizes love, passion and sex. It lessens up both mental and physical impotence, nervous fatigues and distrusts. If you are looking to strengthen your bond with your partner, gift them Jasmine or place in a space where you two sit together. Apart from that, Jasmine also alleviates issues related to PMT and its essence cures skin problems.


Keeping some fresh marigolds in room promotes optimism which eventually establishes domestic peace particularly during night. It wipes out stress related to legal matters. Marigold also heals many skin problems, throat infections and headaches, painful or irregular menstruation.

Lily of the Valley

Lilly of valley alleviates the process of letting go after loss; cures hypertension, breathing disorders, palpitations. It reduces body water retention. If someone is suffering from any of these, Lily of the Valley can help them recover fast.


Narcissus develops the habit of loving thyself by boosting up the level of self-confidence,improving inner-beauty. It prevents insomnia, soothes panic attack as a natural tranquilizer and reduces coughs and colds.

Passion Flower

The name itself is self-explanatory. It stimulates the positive vibes in human mind towards the acknowledgement and expression of love. Moreover passion-flower is a perfect stress-buster, anti-depressant, soothing skin problems, phobia, panic attacks, asthma, neuralgia and shingles.


Rose, a symbol of love since ancient time; does have an effective multi-medicinal side too. It relieves stress, averts insomnia and hormonal difficulties, controls addictions, heals infections, improves eating habits, and manages vulnerable mood-swings. Apart from these, rose is potent for many heart, eyes, and skin problems.


Nasturtium endorses the flow of positivity optimism and attracts prosperity.  It relieves colds, bronchitis and sore throats. As a natural antibiotic, Nasturtium eases genitourinary disorders, detoxifies the gallbladder, pancreas and liver.


Violet relieves fluid retention, alleviates pain, cold and coughs, heals the eczema related skin. It acts as a natural relaxant which cures headaches. Send flowers to Delhi, to help someone get rid of these ailments.

Do not rely on flowers for visual pleasure only. Make the best of their presence in nature, and invest in some flower power to cure your problems.

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