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Disease in Africa not Ebola, but Africans.
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We are always talking about Ebola plaguing our continent, but the true disease we Africans are suffering from is ourselves.

I am an African, but I must say that I am so disappointed in us Africans. I know this might sound harsh, but please take no offense, it's the truth. For the past two weeks I have been reading silly things posted on social media by our fellow African brothers and sisters. They call them "conspiracy theories," but i like to call them foolishness, rubbish, nonsense...can you think of any other words to describe them? Oh yeah, asinine. They post these rubbish on facebook and twitter thinking they are the most smartest people in the world- oh how delusional they are! I can't help but laugh at their delusions. Let me enlighten you all a bit on my growing frustration with us Africans.

There was one rubbish i read on Facebook, posted by an African man, about how the "white man" took the Ebola virus to Africa as a means to depopulate our race. At first sight, I thought it was all joke- that he would realize his ignorance and wrap it all up somehow with something like, "i'm just kidding." But as i continue to read this rubbish, I realized that he was very serious- serious to the point of kicking (cursing) and screaming (all CAPS). It appeared this man had lost touch with reality. What frustrated me the most was clicking on this man's profile and finding out that he holds a PHD from a very prestigious school in Africa. I was frustrated by this fact simply because I expected him to know better. If this was an uneducated person I would have understood and empathized with him. But no...Minutes later, there was another post from this very same man about how the U.S is being very selfish. He went on to say that there is a disease (Ebola) in Africa that's killing people and the U.S only took two Americans out of harms way, and that the U.S created an experimental drug but doesn't care to share with the world. I could not contain myself any longer. I was like what are you saying? The U.S should give you an experimental drugs that they aren't even sure is going to cure. What happens if the U.S gave the drugs and shortly after you all are healed you start falling dead one by one? Wouldn't you be the same people who would now come back and say the "white man" came to destroy our population? Come on, let us be reasonable here. Now with all my many frustrations, I have come up with a cure for the disease in Africa.

The cure is unity. This may sound like something you've already heard, but this is the truth. Africa is in dire need of unity. It's obvious from the way Africans treat Africans. We are not there for one another. I was reading in the news recently about the Ebola case in Liberia, West Africa. In the midst of Ebola running rampant, there were people poisoning water wells- where hundreds of people drink water from. Can you believe this? These poisons according to news, create Ebola-like symptoms and kill like Ebola. When one of the suspect was captured, he confessed that a lot of companies in Liberia were in on the scam. These companies want to sell their bags of mineral water, so if people were dying from water fetched from the well then the chances of their business growing would dramatically increase. But why do we continue to live a barbaric lifestyle? It would be impossible for others to love us if we don't love ourselves. It would be impossible for others to respect and take us seriously if we do not respect and take ourselves seriously. All the changes that we desire, in retrospect, have to start with ourselves.

The renown British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill writes, "when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you." We need to stop thinking one African country is better than the other. We need to stop grouping people in Africa- Why not just being referred to as an African? We need to eliminate multi governments in Africa and come up with just a single government "of the people and by the people." This is very important! It is because of too many governments in Africa that corruption is running rampant. It is disgusting i must say! You can not get rid of corruption where there are too many presidents to keep track of. Remember they are all politicians with a clear agenda: to steal. Mahatma Gandhi writes, "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." All of these Presidents in Africa are dirty. There needs to be a serious conference set up to make our unification official, and the  forty seven presidents become just one president. This is the only way our Africa will be whole again.

Let us all learn from the U.S. Instead of bashing them, let us follow their example. I'm by no means suggesting us to think like the Americans, but i'm suggesting there are things we can learn from them.The U.S is a true example of what unity is all about. An example of this is shown recently, when they flew jet to Liberia to grab two American doctors infected with Ebola. The whole of Africa roared into chaos and had so much to say-saying that the U.S wasn't fair. Excuse me, what did you say? Is that all you learned from that incident? I learned much more. Name one African country that would have done what the U.S did? I bet any of you that if any of us Africans contract Ebola abroad that our country wouldn't give a damn. They would let our corpses burn.

Seriously speaking, if we continue to live without unity, we are always going to need the "white man" and won't be able to do anything for ourselves. Just think about that.



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  .   Matthew Mansbach
Thank you for posting this Teto! My understanding (as an average American) is that Ebola is still everyone's problem. I do feel sympathy for the "Angry PHD". Watching people suffer from a serious illness is maddening.
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