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Different Types of Home Senior Care: an Introduction
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There are different types of home senior care available today. So if you decided to look for a caregiver for your seniors, then you need to know about the options available for you. Below we prepared the main available options you can opt for.

But before we proceed you should keep in mind, that one type of home senior care can and usually does have different names, so look for functional characteristics more than for the names.

Skilled Care vs. Custodial Care

Skilled home senior care is referred to the care that can be given only by skilled or licensed medical personnel. Custodial care is the opposite of it which includes activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, and eating. Custodial care is typically required for people having some serious diseases, such as Alzheimer's or dementia. Both types of this senior care can be given at home or at special facilities.

Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care

Palliative senior care is focused on relieving patients of the pain and suffering, which means that it does not treat but only relief the pain. Hospice care is an encompassing approach of treating terminally ill patients who are usually in the last moths or weeks of their lives.

Home Care vs. Home Health Care

These are terms that sometimes can be used interchangeably however, they have an important distinction. Both of these home senior care services are provided at a patient’s home. But home care in general is referred to custodial or unskilled care that has already been described above. This type of home care can also be referred to as personal care although you need to be aware that this term is used not exclusively for care provided at home.

Home health care means that your senior will receive a higher level of the required care that usually demands a given personnel to have medical training. It means that the personnel will be checking your relative’s vitals, respiration and assisting with artificial limbs, braces, etc.

Adult Day Social Care vs. Adult Day Health Care

The term adult day care can also be supplemented with adult day social care or adult day medical care. Professionals of this home senior care provide seniors with constant supervision and medical care in a structured setting during daytime (regular working) hours usually. Most frequently this kind of home senior care is required when a regular caregiver, which means you, needs to attend work.

The second term, which is adult day health care, can typically provide the same list of services that is offered by adult day social care, but it also includes medical services equivalent to those found in nursing homes.

Elina Sivak acts as a freelance writer for a big array of digital content hubs, who focuses on a range of senior care subjects such as the different types of home senior care and other related areas. A tireless explorer of Internet community and an influencer in anything noteworthy for the home care.

Equinoxe LifeCare (Soins à Domicile, Senior Care)
4999 Rue Sainte-Catherine #235, Westmount, QC H3Z 1T3 Canada
(514) 935-2600
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