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Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?
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Tobacco smoking is a well-known deadly bad habit, which brings harmful threat to your health and your life.  Quiting smoking is obviously good for you, but it is also one of the most difficult things in life. As nicotine is addictive, and it is hard to fight the cravings.

To quit smoking, firstly you will need to have strong willingness. Then, with assitance of nicotine replacement products and stop smoking medication along with some willpower, it is very possible for you to quit smoking, or at least reduce the nicotine comsumption largely.

E-cigarettes as one of the alternatve replacement of smoking, are battery-powered devices that vaporize liquid, often containing nicotine and other flavorings, such as bubble gum, mint or chocolate. E-cig users get the experience of smoking a cigarette and inhale nicotine vapor, but do not suffer the damaging effects of a tobacco cigarette. Although currently there is no solid science showing that e-cig is 100% no health risk in long run, there is no doubt that it is healthier than analog smoking.

A study found that 21 percent of the smokers who were given e-cigarettes stopped smoking tobacco entirely and an additional 23 per cent reported cutting their consumption in half. While smokers who use only willpower to quit smoking, only 3 to 5 per cent of them remained smoke-free.

When using e-cigarette to quit smoking, Cacuq suggest you to start with the similar nicotine level as you used to get from tabacco smkoing. This will help you to get through the initial stage of switching. E-cigarette smoking is not exactly like analog cigarette. When you get used to it, you can reduce the nicotine strength in youe e-liquid step by step within your confort zone.

When you begin to use lower nicotine e-liquid, it may take you some time to be accustomed to the taste. Be patient in this stage. It will help you to get rid of nicotine addiction gradually.

After you get used to a low nicotine level, try not to carry your e-cigarette everywhere with you. Instead, try to leave them at home for some time.

When your craving for nicotine is about to disappear, it’s time to go to zero nicotine electronic cigarette. At this stage, you have quit smoking successfully.

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