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All About Avoiding Hypertension
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If you find that your blood pressure is out of control, it is important to consult a doctor and get the required modification. Smoking, high alcohol consumption, bad food habits, bad sleeping habits, high stress levels and other such things are usually the cause of hypertension and you will need to make certain lifestyle changes if you want to get rid of hypertension on a permanent basis.

One of the known causes of hypertension is the food a person eats. In fact, many people are not aware that their diet may be cause of the high blood pressure.  So, if you're suffering from hypertension, you should pay close attention to your eating habits in addition to taking the prescribed medications. 

There are many recommended diet plans available on the Internet for people suffering from hypertension. You may use these diet plans and also ask your doctor about any particular foods to be avoided. One of the best ways to keep your blood pressure in check is to eat healthy. Regular exercise and healthy diet is the key to a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Health researchers have found many foods that cause hypertension. You should never include these foods in your diet if you're suffering from hypertension.

It is important to get in touch with their doctor whenever you feel that your blood pressure is not right. If you contact the doctor in time, you may be able to control your blood pressure without making any drastic changes in our lifestyle. However, if you're too late, you will have to make some drastic changes that may not be easy to make at that stage. 

It is important to keep in mind that physical exercise, good number of hours of sleep, stress free lifestyle along with proper medication and proper diet is the key to keep blood pressure in control. Here is a list of the few foods that you should avoid.

1. Sodium


Most of the sodium you will consume is going to come from the salty food. Salt is an excellent preservative and therefore, most of the packaged food contains high amount of salt. It also makes food taste good but it is bad for people with hypertension. 

High salt intake raises high blood pressure (Harvard). So, it's a must that they should monitor and lower down the sodium intake.

2. Alcohol


Ii is well known that alcohol causes hypertension. It not only damages the blood vessels but also has other health implications. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol even in small quantities.

3. Fats


The sad fact is that it is very difficult to stay away from saturated fats. Saturated fats are everywhere. However, you should make a sincere effort to stay away from saturated fats, as far as possible. These are not only bad for your heart but also for the blood vessels. Also, fast food and meat contained tons of fat.

Saturated fats raise the levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol (Heart & Stroke Foundation).

These are some of the foods that you need to avoid if you're suffering from hypertension. You may ask your doctor to give you a complete dietary plan so that you can change your eating habits and keep your blood pressure in check.

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Disclaimer: All of the information stated here is not intended to replace a professional medical advice. 

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