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A 3-Week Challenge For Toning And Strengthening The Arms
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Different men have different rationales for their arm strength training. Whatever the reason, this guide is here to help men sculpt strong and shredded arms. This is a 21 day’s routine that can be used by both beginners and continuing bodybuilders.  There are 5 essential exercises for the arms provided herein and they are meant to hit every corner of the arms. In the workout challenge, the number of reps should be increased for every exercise and gradually training for 3 sets of 15 reps. The five workouts are elaborated below and the plan explained explicitly. The important key in this routine is to select the ideal weights which lead to muscle failure after sets are done. When the workouts don’t feel tough enough, it means it’s time for adding more dumbbell weight. If muscle failure occurs before the reps are complete, then dumbbell weight should be reduced. For beginners, 5 pounds are good for a start while veterans can perform heavier sets in this 3- week arm training challenge.

1. Bicep Curl

Hold dumbbells with your two arms at the body sides. Maintain a close distance between the body sides and the elbows as you lift the dumbbells towards your chest. Ensure you control your movement. Lower the weight slowly to the starting point. You have completed a rep.

2. Upright Row

Let your palms face you and hold dumbbells with your both arms. The shoulders should align over the pelvis while the knees bend slightly. Let the dumbbell weights stay close to your body and lift them towards the shoulders. As you lift, curve out the elbows sideways and go back to the start.

3. Triceps Kickback

Take dumbbell sets in your arms and bend the knees a little bit as you move the rest of your body in front of the hips. The elbows should bend behind you. Keep your arms straight at the back while the palms face in. Let the arms and the ground remain parallel and squeeze the triceps.

4. Overhead Shoulder Press

Hold dumbbells over shoulders as the palms face in. Let your arms stay straight and bend your elbows as you come back to the start.

5. Bent-Over Reverse Fly

Let your palms face out and take the dumbbells. Slightly bend the knees and maintain a straight back as you hinge forward at the hips. Lift the weights to the body sides keep the elbows bent slightly. Squeeze the shoulder blades and control the movement as you lower the weight.

The above arm workouts for men can be performed using dumbbell weights of between 3 -8 pounds. Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you do massive biceps curls or intense shoulder presses; you can’t build bigger arms if you are underweight. Before training for stronger arms, consider clean bulking and eat a lot. Four balanced meals per day are enough to keep you energetic for the massive training.

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