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5 Reasons Runners Should Never Compromise Leg Strength Training
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A lot of runners are still making the mistake of training other body parts except the legs. Below the belt is a home for fundamental muscles of the body. A runner should focus on exercises that challenge the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads. Leg strength training for runners is not all about having a beautiful physique.

1. Improved balance

Strong legs prevent wipe outs and leg strength training improves stability and keeps the legs ready for anything. To maintain proper control of your entire body, you need balance and agility.

2. Burning more calories

To get the best results from gym training, strong legs are a staple. You need to work these muscles using massive training like squatting, lunges, and dead-lifts. Raising the heart rate increases the rate of metabolism and more calories get burnt. To challenge the legs, you will need a lot of energy hence your body will be burning more calories to sustain the energy requirement. Did you know that the glutes are the biggest muscle group in the entire body? So, working them out will cost you a lot of energy.

3. Minimal injury risk

The bridge between staying on top of the game and sustaining injuries is lower body strength. Leg exercises like lunges and squats improve the stability of joints and knees. Muscle imbalances are the major causes of cartilage injury.

4. Preventing back pain  
Sitting all day long renders your hamstrings weak and the hip flexors get tighter. This causes lower back tension and pain. You need leg weight training to stretch the hip flexors and make your hamstrings stronger. The abs and glutes will also benefit.

5. Increased speed

Leg strength training for runners makes them better athletes as hips develop since they are the main muscle injury victims of running. During competitions, you can tell an athlete who strength trains and one that doesn’t by observing the speeds. Strength workouts generate more power for the legs.

You must never skip a leg day if you have a running competition coming for these reasons.

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