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5 Best Exercises For Legs Mass Building
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If you ask around the definition of a perfect body shape, most people will tell you about the sculpted biceps, shredded abs, or powerful chest. The correct definition of perfect physique is a symmetrical body structure. Symmetry has the characteristic of body parts flowing into one another, and every part is proportionally defined as any other. Neglecting legs in gym workouts I dangerous and may lead to a terrible imbalance between the lower and upper torso and such a physique is undesirable.

You can commence on a new routine of leg strengthening exercises, something that few people accomplish. The road to building mass on legs is hard but after experiencing some positive results, you won’t settle or less than perfection. These are the 5 killer leg exercises for mass building.

1. Barbell full squat

This is an exercise that targets the quads. Quads extend and flex during a hip expansion.

2. Barbell lunges

The lunges train the hamstrings- the back part of the thigh- by flexing the hip joint and bending the knee.

3. Lying Leg curl

This workout hits the hamstrings through hip joint extension and middle rotation.

4. Standing calf raise

It a perfect exercise for calves. It works by flexing the ankle when the back of the lower leg is raised.

5. Leg extensions

The quads extend when the hip is flexed.

From the mentioned exercises, it is noted that the leg is composed of various muscles. We use the legs for essential activities such as standing, jumping, and walking. This means that legs are as important as any other body parts. If you are aspiring to build your leg muscles, incomplete exercises won’t help you with anything. Legs are used every day on normal day-to-day activities and hence one should be committed to training them to shape the dense muscle fibers.

Legs need compulsion in order to build mass. Sometimes they resist, shake, and burn. All that is needed is a passion for pushing through.

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