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Merits of Cycling Outdoor using Cruiser Bikes
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Outdoor cycling is an activity accessible to everyone, from 7 to 77 years old and beyond. This economical, ecological and practical discipline is a nice alternative for people with allergies to sport. It can be practiced solo, with family or friends, in the countryside as on the beach.

 Cycling outdoor on the beach combines much training and fun. It also has great virtues and beneficial effects on our health. For this, cruiser bikes are required.

Characteristics of cruiser bikes

The frame

The frame of cruiser bicycles are wide and solid and sometimes with double top tube. Some classic models and some modern ones are adorned with a kind of tank that resembles a motorcycle tank. Hence, for some time this type of bike received the nickname of "motorbikes".

Its geometry is quite comfortable and allows a position with the torso fully erect with arms and neck relaxed. It is very easy to control, and that is why it was an ideal means of transport for surfers who controlled the bike with one hand while holding their board with the other.


The traditional handlebar of these bicycles is straight in the center, with curves extending to the rear of the bicycle. The handlebar shape makes them quite comfortable and allows control of the bicycle without the need to extend the arms too much.

The wheels

Cruisers are characterized by having wide tires, minimum of 2 ". One of the most common measures is 26 x 2.125 ". The wide tires provide them with great stability and absorption of vibrations, although they are heavy and slow.


Cruisers are used for ride or recreation. Therefore, speed is not one of their characteristics, they do not use changes, and in many cases, they use contrapedal brakes.

In conclusion, cycling outdoor using cruiser bicycles provide a healthy form of living, and for more aid on Cruiser bikes, Womentd is here to help.

At Womentd, we provide you all the needed information as regards Cruiser bicycles, and with our list of the best outdoor Cruiser bicycles, you would surely know what features to look and which bicycles can deliver the best outcome.


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