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The Best Headphones from £100 to £250
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Take a look around and you will find that most people, particularly youngsters, have headphones or earplugs on/in their ears. The headphone is either attached to their smartphone or to some kind of portable music player. Listening to your own kind of music even in a busy public place has become extremely easy and convenient with these smart accessories. With increasing demands of headphones, almost all leading electronic making companies are manufacturing headphones in different styles and designs. There are mainly two varieties in which these accessories are available – in ear headphones and over ear headphones. Depending upon the company, the integrated features and the design of the headphones, the prices of the accessories are decided.

Mentioned below are 4 excellent headphones, which are available in price range of £100 - £250:

1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

This pair of earplugs from 1More is an excellent item for people who love music. As evident from the name of the item, this earplug has four advanced drivers for excellent bass response and high frequency but smooth midrange detail. The highly detailed sound performance makes music-listening a highly pleasurable experience for any user. 1More Quad Driver is expertly tuned for high resolution performance. The design of the earplugs is highly stylish and offers comfortable fit for the ear as well. The item also has automatic switching facility for smartphone. Priced at £199.99, this earplug is loved by music lovers.


1More H1707 Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

This over-ear headphone looks extremely stylish and suave. The headphones in black and gold combination are made of machined metal. They are solidly built but are extremely comfortable with the luxurious padding and ear clamps. The headphones can be used for prolonged periods without any kind of discomfort. Coming to the mechanism, the headphone has advanced driver technology installed with high frequency extension for high resolution files. 1More Triple Driver Over Ear is practical and portable, though it looks quite elaborate. These headphones are priced at £199.99 and are high-resolution certified. The quality of music is better than CD quality.


1More MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Available in amazing electric blue and electric red colors, this headphone is a stunner for sure. The headphone has all modern features and technologies integrated in the same so that the experience of listening to music is superb. The excellent sound quality of the headphones can be attributed to aptX® coding. The accessory is tuned by an expert mixer, who is a Grammy Award winner. There are three bass levels from which selections can be made. The device also comes with intelligent control keys and intelligent hearing protection. This stylish and superb quality headphone comes at a reasonable price of £149.99.


1More Triple-Driver Lightning In-Ear Headphones

If you want to experience award-winning sound, you cannot go wrong with this amazing earplug set. The earplug has 5-in-1 controller and three drivers plus HD DAC. All these features in combination provide the best sound quality. Special mention also needs to be made of the lightning connector in this accessory and this make the earplug perfect for Apple iOS and it can be used with iPhone 7. The designing and the ergonomics of the earplugs are also excellent so that you can listen to music for long time without straining the ears in any manner. get this fabulous pair of 1More Triple Driver headphones for just £149.99.

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