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Hangover effects on your routine activities
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Everyone likes to have fun after along week of tireless working. Sometimes you may be invited to a party just to hang out with friends. It helps your body to develop well and also your mind to relax putting all the hustles aside and just letting loose.

One of the many ways that people celebrate something is through sharing a drink. Though sometimes people drink to try and avoid thinking about something that affects them emotionally. Some drink to find a temporary solution to a threatening situation in there psychological being. However, in most case, drinking does not help; instead it may leave you feeling worse than before drinking.

One post drinking effect that can leave you helpless is hangover. Hangover is caused by an imbalance in electrolytes in our bodies, as a result you feel dehydrated and dizzy. Lest looks at how a hangover can affect your day.

It slows you down

With a hangover, it is difficult to get around things. You want to grab something but it feels too far and too heavy. Your body just feels tired and you cannot even walk first let alone get out of bed. A hangover makes you feel like everything is moving in slow motion. This can affect your work greatly. Imagine if you cannot get to the office early enough.

This may mean your work has stopped and your day is ruined. If you are employed, a hangover can easily get you fired. Even if you want to get things right, a hangover can make you feel so confused it can cause to destroy things in your house or your office. Your body metabolism is affected to the extent that you do not feel like yourself.

It can make you sick

There is nothing as bad as waking up sick. This will ruin your day totally. No one likes to fall sick especially on a Monday morning. According to the morning helper  on https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sunday-mornings-hangover-helper, your body takes a long time breaking ethanol into its constituent components, this activity causes you luck of sleep. If you lack enough sleep, your body will not get enough rest it needs to function well, as a result you will spend the rest of the day feeling tired and unable to do anything.

There are many causes of hangovers and anyone could be affected. It is good to rind a remedy to sustain it.


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