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3 Essay Writing Tips about Vocabulary
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One of the tips to write a good essay that a lot of people miss is vocabulary. Which is crazy because having an extensive range of words is one of the best essay tips out there 

The key factor when writing a good essay is to ensure that you have a varied and extensive vocabulary that enables you to convey your argument in a concise manner. Readers, especially examiners, don't want to waste their time reading drawn out wordy essays that in the end don't say a great deal.

Advanced vocabulary is an absolute must if you wish to score highly on your written papers and anyone wishing to do so should be making an effort to expand their knowledge of vocabulary on a daily basis. The more effectively you can explain a point or convey an idea through accurate language the better your paper will inevitably be.  Showing a command of vocabulary allows you to show the intelligence of your writing and the ability to persuade somebody of a particular argument is one of the elements that you will be evaluated on.


Similar to the word a day email mentioned earlier this technique can help you to build a wide variety of vocabulary and pretty quickly too if you are diligent about keeping it. The main difference between this and those emails is that you have to physically write them down. Now that doesn't seem so groundbreaking I know but going through this process is doing two things at the same time:

1) builds your vocabulary
2) enables you to learn the word quicker through writing it down


Word a day emails - There are many online services on platforms such as Wordpress which will send you an email with a word and a description every day. Post this into a folder a build your vocabulary. You'd be surprised how quickly you can collect a full library's worth doing this. Check through regularly and try to use a new language.


It stands to reason that you should be reading a wide range of material related to your chosen subject but whilst doing so don't be afraid to check words you come across that you've never seen before in a dictionary. Seeing a word in context helps when trying to understand it and its uses  Again, add to your vocabulary folder any that are useful to you. 

These three simple but effective techniques are some of the best tips on how to write a good essay that there are and will help you to create a wealth of vocabulary knowledge and options for your writing that can enable you to express yourself concisely and clearly whilst gaining those high marks. Remember: variety is the spice of life.

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Thanks for sharing these useful information!
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