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Is Gmail Going Big With The Inclusion Of New Themes And Emoji?
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Gmail is perhaps the only email platform that tries to constantly revamp its overall layout and interface. This is done with the intention to offer users with something new and fresh. Moreover, with the inclusion of new themes and emojis, it is the user who gets an opportunity to customize the Gmail, as per their need and preference.

Until now, Google hadn’t done anything substantial, as far as the new themes and emoji are concerned. However, things are likely to change for good. The whole objective is to make the Gmail platform more dynamic and flexible for the user.

In the context of any problem, you can always rely on the step by step phone support for Gmail issues. The assistance of the experts goes a long way to enhance the user's experience.

Gmail’s new theme and emoji– At a glance

  • The latest new theme helps the users streamline the experience and offer them a fresh perspective. Overall, the intention is to provide the users with a platform, where they can customize the Gmail account, without facing too many hurdles.

  • Emoji basically includes a set of smileys and can be used to express what the user is feeling right now – hungry, laugh, cry, angry and so forth. In fact, the new and improved emoji are a lot better and this really shows.

Under the circumstances, Gmail must go with the changes, so as to stay in tune with the demand of the users. The inclusion of powerful theme and emoji is just the way forward.

Other than these, are you by any means facing any Gmail sign-in issues? Well, this is one area, where you might need direct intervention from the experts. In that case, you can dial the 24x7 Gmail customer help number, so as to find a possible solution, without having to worry much about other aspects.





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